Scott Smetana PikesPeakSmitty

Scott Smetana PikesPeakSmitty


Scott Smetana 13 years, 7 months ago

The loss hurts, but I'm so excited about our blooming talent... especially TAYLOR!!! Seeing his 'Fight' and ball handling at high speed made him worthy of wearing #15. I also love the confidence of the twins... fun, fun, fun. Collins is awesome, but let me say, there will be 'mental' breakdowns and times we just can not count on him. We need Aldrich or Taylor to be that man.Morningstar looks like a walk on. Reed is solid. I feel we're missing 1 man to make this team complete.. Thomas looks awkward, Appleton must be sucking in practice to get so few minutes. Hopefully Little will be good.

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