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Ex-Jayhawk Peters cleared to play for Arizona

Self again shows great class. The KU help is either directly related to Self or at the very least with the permission of Self. Recruits have to see or at least parents of recruits that Self will do everything within his power to help them with their future even when KU is no longer in their future.

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‘Wow’ factor: Cole Aldrich impressed by Jayhawks

You're right! I am sending an email to Self today to tell him not to expect to much out of Wiggins. He has been way to effusive in his talk about Wiggins and it is obvious that Wiggins is nothing more than a scrub. ~ sarcasm.

Fans like hype, sorry to inform you of this, but it is what drives sports interest besides gambling :).

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The biggest difference between Ben McLemore and Xavier Henry? Perception

Ben's mom in the beginning didn't want him to come to KU and nobody cared because we didn't know her. X's dad talked a lot and everybody cared because he was supposed to be "family." Still think X's dad made it a lot harder for his son than he needed to because of his actions.

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Ranking the top 10 KU dunks of 2012-13

I didn't know which ones were going to be 2-10, but I knew #1 before I even read the article. I knew it would be #1 two seconds after it happened. Some dunks define an entire game or perhaps even season.

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KU basketball notebook: Frankamp on fire; latest on Rio Adams

PS Frankamp is a gunner. Wow that stuff is fun to watch. It will look even better when in Crimson and Blue.

I don't think even Wiggins know what he is going to do, but can we just fast forward to next years season now? Man it is going to be fun to see a whole new team with so many questions.

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KU basketball notebook: Frankamp on fire; latest on Rio Adams

Rio is having a nice long weekend. He better be in church in the morning praying. The tweeter announcement probably didn't go over real well with Self (especially after the jump the gun announcement about leaving). Nothing wrong with tweeter you just don't show up the MAN. I don't care it is grade school or Sr. citizen's lunch line, a guy has to know his place. Rio has a nice long weekend to figure out how to "listen" more, "talk" less, and even then I don't know if Coach Self will say the words that Rio wants to hear.

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Opinion: KU deserves No. 1 seed over Duke

#1 or #2 no matter, just win baby.

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Opinion: KU deserves No. 1 seed over Duke

Don't mean to disappoint you, but this is how folks wear hats these days. Pictures going "national" with KU holding trophies is a good thing.

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Bench play a highlight for KU against Iowa State

Agree with previous evaluation, Ellis 1 and everyone else tied for second.

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Feeling free: Perry Ellis has career game as KU downs Iowa State

How many losses are you willing to allow? Self coaches to win every game. Let them play through it in a one possession game and you risk a loss.

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