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KU men's basketball players express frustrations over abrupt end to 2019-20 season

Have some perspective here. In 2009, while the NBA, MLB, NHL and many other events went on as planned, the H1N1 virus was raging. In the US, from April 2009 to April 2010, it sickened over 90 million people, 275,000 were hospitalized, and 13,000 died. Over 500,000 people died worldwide. And that virus targeted younger and middle-aged people, the very people who would attend these sporting events. By comparison, Covid 19 is mild for young and middle-aged people, and only life threatening to the elderly and immunocompromised. Those at risk for Covid 19 are easily isolated from the general public, and are not likely to attend a sporting event. We should be cancelling our trip to see Grandma at the retirement home, not the NCAA tournament!

So what was different then than now? Why didn't we cancel life in 2009 like we are today? The answer is, we didn't then and we shouldn't be doing it today. I pray this will not become the new normal. Because this is an overreaction, and it is tragic. You can't cancel life because of the risks. We should be urging caution and common sense measures, not stoking hysteria. These players deserve their tournament, and they are victims of the fear-porn that consumes our society on a daily basis now. It is sad and unnecessary.

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KU's AD to testify in support of state bill legalizing student-athlete compensation

"...colleges and their respective athletic departments are not able to pay athletes for their name, image or likeness. Where the freedom to earn that money comes from is in the athlete’s ability to negotiate with third-party entities that partner with an athlete to promote a product, such as video game companies or apparel companies."

Gee, what could possibly go wrong?

Why are we even pretending at this point that college athletics has anything to do with education? But we shouldn't be surprised. These days the colleges themselves have little to do with education.

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Remember Devonte’ Graham’s foul out vs. Villanova? Now, you make the call(s)

Thanks for reminding me why I hate the NCAA tournament. I don't mind KU losing when they play their best against a better team. I hate when the refs have arguably more influence than the players over the outcome of a game. And that's all too often the case in critical games like this.

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Tom Keegan: Look for some changes now that Bill Self has been elected president

Not to pile on, but I was actually very interested to hear what an insider like Keegan had to say about the implications of something as major as Coach Self taking over the NABC, but I couldn't read beyond the first paragraph. I guess like with ESPN, you have to be a liberal/progressive or at least a Trump hater to get your sports news from this site. What a shame.

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Tom Keegan: Kansas zone exploited Kentucky inexperience

When they figure out how this "mid-major caliber team" managed to beat UK at home, maybe then they can explain how Self has won 12 going on 13 consecutive conference titles, because a lot of the same reasons apply. It's a miracle how Coach Self has been able to win consistently over time with the inevitable ebbs and flows of recruiting and talent. The only constant? Coaching.

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Write your very own Bob Huggins captions

1) You complete me.
2) I said smell my finger!
3) Aha! He's a ginger!
4) Well it was long ago and it was far away and it was so much better than it is today!
5) Okay perfect. Now clap!

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Tom Keegan: Schedule takes Kansas behind the eight ball

"But there's simply no comparison between someone who had a lot of baggage and would not have been great and someone who should be spending the rest of her life in jail."

There, fixed it for you.

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Further proof that Kansas, Missouri don't mix

The problem is, we don't have capitalism today, we have crony capitalism. And it's supported by the GOP as well as the Dems. There's a big push to break that up right now, on the left by Bernie supporters (though I believe socialism is the ultimate fruition of crony capitalism, basically synonymous with oligarchy), and on the right by Trump supporters. I don't know if Trump would end crony capitalism and restore true, moral capitalism, but I do know that Hillary will continue with and further entrench the system we've had for the last two decades, and Sanders would have pushed us further away from truly free (and thus moral) markets. Now, Gary Johnson would probably be the best choice to restore free market capitalism, but unfortunately I don't believe he could win.

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Further proof that Kansas, Missouri don't mix

I agree with Jay. Objectively, there simply isn't a comparison. We've become so partisan today that politicians can literally get away with murder and half of the country will look the other way because they believe the other half is just out to crucify that politician. Politics has become so vitriolic that we can't even agree on who the crooks are. And the sad thing is, most politicians on both sides are crooks.

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Further proof that Kansas, Missouri don't mix

I was just teasing you, Matt. I've really enjoyed your contributions to the site. But any mention of politics in this brutal political environment is really asking for it ;)

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