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Former KU AD Lew Perkins to serve as assistant on girls basketball team

I hope you do post the link to whatever article you read because the article in the Cap-J I read about SZ at the tournament doesn't say anything of the sort. (And if you could watch KU's first game of the tournament and not get a little nervous, you weren't a KU fan.)

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Kansas women's basketball balanced in victory over Colorado

In terms of taking things personally, you're the one who seems to have the single-minded obsession with/hatred of the coaching staff. And the reason there are more critical comments is that almost half of them are by you.

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Kansas women's basketball balanced in victory over Colorado

I agree it wasn't the most impressive performance of the year, but it is always good to get a road victory and I was pleased to see KU stay strong in the final minutes to seal the win.

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KU women fall in Big 12 opener, 61-57, to Texas Tech

You're not the only one to notice it. And if we'd won last night, those same vultures wouldn't be here lauding the team and the coaching.

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KU women fall in Big 12 opener, 61-57, to Texas Tech

As usual, the doom-and-gloom crowd comes out after a loss.

This game showed that KU can compete with the upper half of the Big 12 (and I do think Tech will be in that group this season.) But it also showed the weakness of having a young lineup. When Tech went on a run our confidence took a hit and instead of attacking back we seemed to get tentative.

There were big stretches of this game where KU looked outstanding, but Tech wouldn't quit and we couldn't put them away. One or two baskets the last five minutes would have changed the game, but they didn't fall.

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Win-win situation: Goodrich, Brown back for victory

Great to see Goodrich and Brown back on the court. With a healthy roster, this team should have a solid conference record.

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Public deserves truth surrounding Bubba Cunningham backing out of KU job

I agree on all three points, particularly the part about being on the verge of making a big decision, being excited for something new...and then deciding you don't want a change (especially if you'd also be changing your family's life and not just your own, like Cunningham would have been doing.)

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KU women notch 79-57 victory over Alabama

Great win, Jayhawks. Alabama is a good, aggressive team and it was great to see us handle their press so well.

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KU women fall 75-67 to Michigan for first loss of season

The team is much more up-tempo and is getting far more transition baskets this year than I've seen in years of watching KU WBB. Plus, when you get into the half-court and have an inside presence like Davis, feeding her will open up the guards. (Now, those passes have to be good passes or they'll turn into TOs, which seems to be a perennial problem for us.)

The game wasn't televised so it is hard to tell, but the fact we were 2-12 from 3-point range in the second half last night indicates that we were likely settling for too many perimeter shots and not making the extra pass(es) to get better looks.

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