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Wichita State defeats KU volleyball, 3-1, in NCAA second round

Yes, the Big 12 Coach of the Year should be fired. Good lord that is stupid.

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KU women lose Davis to injury, fall to K-State, 47-43

A rivalry game on the road where the home team benefits from an imbalance in fouls (KU 18, KSU 8) and the Jayhawks don't score in the last 3 minutes? That sounds familiar. Though at least the men didn't lose a player when the same thing happened at Missouri.

Davis is one of KU's greats and I hope we see her back on the court soon.

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KU women lose Davis to injury, fall to K-State, 47-43

I hadn't heard of it either, but a Google search shows it apparently isn't that uncommon, though it takes weeks or months to recover from.

The season isn't over, but it is going to take the entire rest of the team to make up for the gap.

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KU women crush Texas, 85-61

Athletics says noon.

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KU women crush Texas, 85-61

I'm not JR87, but I interpreted that as HCBH saying that Boyd was trying to do too much too soon, and that she'd get more PT if she played within herself and grew into the college game like Knight has done.

Either way, it was a big game for Boyd, who we needed to step up since Harper has a concussion according to the UDK.

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KU women top No. 21 Texas Tech, 62-43

Great win, Jayhawks!

(And LJW: Baylor is undefeated and No. 1 in both polls, not No. 4 as the article says right now.)

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Kansas guard Keena Mays to transfer

Just baffling.

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Mizzou one step closer to leaving Big 12

Zenger's statement was the exact right tone, basically telling them not to let the door hit them on the way out.

Not sure why our Regents are trying to inflate Misery's ego by saying losing them would be "a massive blow" however.

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Squares ruining athletics

Really? It is the ego of university presidents that is causing realignment? Not the hundreds of millions of dollars the TV networks are throwing at schools?

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Will KU basketball team play Wichita State? Zenger's not so sure after hearing about ‘chickenhawks’ comment

Nice use of "over the past 30 years" since KU blows Silo Tech out of the water on those figures if you don't limit the time scale.

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