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Report: Perkins spendy traveler

Many keep saying his 4.4 million dollar salary. That was a one time bonus. Granted a big one. My teaching bonus never did quite reach that level, like we ever would have gotten one. Regardless, his annual base salary is between 900,000 and 1 mill., still one of the top five AD salaries in the country.

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KU’s Self predicts lottery for Cole Aldrich, Xavier Henry

I have been in NYC the past three days and am there right now. I would like nothing better than to stay and go to the draft, but we have to leave Thursday morning. My family has represented KU well with wearing considerable KU gear. We have had comments along the way from New Yorkers, anywhere from "What is Rock Chalk?", "Go Jayhawks", to "I've never met anyone from Kansas before." It's been fun.

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Could Mountain West merger save Big 12?

With all this hashing about developing a conference with KU involved, I haven't seen much said about the money issue. I don't see how we can continue to compete without BCS and TV money. Haven't most of you seen the difference among the Big 12, SEC, Big 10, and MWC money. Just the SEC ($200M), Big 12 ($139M), and the MWC ($24M), would make an incredible difference. I would think we would have to cut drastically in many sports just to survive, let alone prosper. I can't believe anyone would suggest becoming independent. We have no national following, therefore no TV money.

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Gorillas expect exquisite test

A redshirt wouldn't be possible for CJ as his clock is already ticking and he has only three years left.

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KU coughs it up

Referring to an above post about being at the game, I agree. I am a diehard Hawk fan of many years and raised my kids likewise. My daughter married into a diehard Wildcat family and I understand their fashion for football. Let's face it, overall the K-State fans place more importance on football than Ku fans in general. The entire crowd stood 90% of the time, were always loud, and 90% of the crowd stayed and cheered for a good 15 minutes after the game was over. I realize part of this was due to their hunger for a win over us after 3 straight losses, especially since they as a whole feel they own football in this state and wanted to revel in the moment. But I was especially impressed that the student section was entirely intact well after the game. I also encountered a number of adults and drunk students alike willing to rub it in my face on my way out of the stadium and through the parking lot. The adults weren't necessarily drunk. I understood the motivation because of the importance of football to them. I can only hope the passion in our crowds can be eventually as strong.

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KU coughs it up

HawkfromHays-At what point did the mention of criticizing the team come up. I am talking about people who make statements that Reesing has given up or that "Oh Well, basketball season is starting." Notice I said "half the people on this board." I read too many comments that lead me to that conclusion. And who truly believes we have a better chance in the upcoming games with anybody at QB than Todd. To do anything else is truly throwing in the towel.

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KU coughs it up

Well said Treidy. We have a bunch of bandwagon and fair weather fans that now are ready to jump. The typical "wait till basketball" statement makes me ill. I have no reason to believe this team has given up and still deserves our support. We have two winnable games remaining on our schedule.

swishymcjayhawk-what in the world brings you to the conclusion that Todd has given up. What I see is a player playing and trying as hard as he can. He has made terrific plays for us over the past few years and is now having turnovers from what I see is trying to make plays. For that you are willing to throw him under the bus. Give me a break. Half the people on these boards are not true fans, but trendy fans as long as the winning is big.

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Good to the last stop

I agree with the above on the crowd. A D grade is generous. I've been a Jayhawk fan for almost 50 years and we still haven't fiqured out how to be football fans. At the most critical parts of the game you could almost here the coaches on the opposite sidelines yell out to the players on the field. I don't know what it's going to take for us to really get into a game when it isn't necessarily a rival, but it's got to get better for us to have a true home field advantage.

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Game balls and Gassers

As long as we don't start a tightend, we will start all four of the above receivers. Wilson is going to be alright. He's had about 3 or 4 drops this season, but even the best of them drop them now and then. Briscoe and Meier have both had drops this season, and that won't diminish my faith in them coming up big when we need them.

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Freddy’s integrity inspiring

I have always admired Bob Frederick. I first learned of Bob when I student taught at Russell High School in 1973. Having gone to KU, I should have been familiar but was not. I learned he had recently taught and coached there and people had nothing but good things to say about him. Being an avid cyclist, I would bump into him at the various rides in the area and he seemed like the same person I had observed and heard about. His qualities reminded me of my own father who was the most honest man I have personally ever known. We feel for his family as I know how difficult it is to lose a father before you expect to, although you are never prepared. We will miss him.

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