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Do you like the "woo" some students are adding to the end of the Rock Chalk chant?

Where is the "hell no" option? Its awful, and it needs to stop. Embarrassing.

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Looking for reasons to believe in KU's defense against Texas Tech

I don't think thats possible. Or it it? Is the PAT kicked when a TD wins it in OT?

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Kansas fan Joey Holzmeister, from Charlotte, North Carolina, looks on in dismay during KU's loss to

Why does this person have GT garb draped all over him?

September 19, 2011 at 9:19 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

KU vs. McNeese State

Hey, I just saw a map detailing meth labs and in-bred trash, and misery leads the way once again.

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‘No harm done’: Boxer Victor Ortiz relishes charity hoops game

"Ortiz had some hard news to report Thursday. He plans to earn a college degree — at KU."

"Hard news"? What? Edit?

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Kansas O-line signee Phil Ford ineligible

"Tudors"? Thats classic!

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Did Tyshawn Taylor just get Pipped?

This article is WHOREable.

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