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Kansas' Ochai Agbaji named NCAA Tournament's most outstanding player

Someone had to win the award. Och is the best player with the highest ceiling on the team, but it was truly a team effort all 6 games. Hard to choose, but they just went with the best player on the winning team, not necessarily who made the most impact. Remy and Dmac have a good case for truly being the MVP. But, as Och said, who cares, they won a Naty!

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Toughness Title: Stellar second half leads Kansas past North Carolina 72-69 for program's sixth national championship

Obiter Dictum:

-The Comeback Kids win the title! Rock Chalk from NYC!

-I guess maybe we shouldn't fire Coach Self?

-Kansas was like an engine with the timing belt not calibrated. The engine was fine and powerful, it just was not working correctly. That obviously changed in the second half.

-What's up with the NCAA guy saying "Kansas City Jayhawks?"

-What's up with Charles B not knowing how to pronounce Braun?

-Give credit to these players, they really did believe they could win, even at half time.

-Give credit to HCBS for making adjustments at the half that actually worked, like posting Braun, and pulling DMac out of the lane for Agbaji could drive without running into the wall named Bacot.

-Let's also give credit to a very special UNC team. Those guys did something amazing and they should be proud of the season they had. Much respect.

-KU won this game as a team. So many important shots, steal, and passes. Yes, Agbaji is a star, but look at the box score. This was an balanced of a team win as we have had. 5 players between 12-14 points.

-It's hard not to like this team, such a great group. Congrats on the championship!

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Game Day Breakdown: No. 1 seed Kansas basketball vs. No 8 seed North Carolina - 2022 National Championship Game

Let's go Hawks!

UNC plays 5 deep, and their center is injured. We need to pound inside and dribble and drive to get them in foul trouble. We don't have to make every shot or shoot lights out, we just need to lock in on defense (especially from 3), play fast, and treat every possession as valuable. We may win ugly, we may win by a lot, but I am confident that KU will win.

Hope to see you all in the comments section tomorrow celebrating a win!

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Soaking it all in: How Kansas guard Remy Martin is embracing every second of KU's deep tourney run

Maybe. But remember during the Creighton game he actually signaled to HCBS to come out of the game for a breather. He plays at such a fast pace, and hasn't had all the benefit of full basketball games/practice for February that it is fine for him to come off the bench.

I have full confidence that HCBS knows how to do this.

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Game Day Breakdown: No. 1 seed Kansas vs. No. 10 seed Miami (Fla.) - NCAA Elite Eight

Miami won't be sacred to play us at all. They have beat Duke, UNC, and Auburn this year. If we own the boards (which we will) and make shots, we should win. The Miami defense won't be something new to us, we've seen good D throughout conference play. And, as HSBC always says, you need a "guy" in March. Surprisingly that "guy" for us is Remy right now. That's good enough for me.

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David McCormack's presence, late offense help Kansas survive Providence in Sweet 16 victory

Against hyper mobile, 3-point shooting big man, he is a major liability. However, I think what Self believes is that he provides more than points for the team. He is enough of a player that he must be guarded, and he has the ability to get rebounds, alter shots, and make FTs when fouled.

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No. 4 seed Providence up next for top-seeded Kansas in NCAA Tournament

Creighton just beat Providence by almost 30. We just beat Creighton. Do we even need to play this game?

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Game Day Breakdown: No. 1 seed Kansas vs. No. 9 seed Creighton in Round 2 of the NCAA Tournament

KU should run these guys out of the gym. The only way it's close is if CU plays inspired basketball and shoots a unreal amount of 3s, KU gets in foul trouble, KU's offensive takes a nap.

I believe we will have some separation going into the half. If our bigs are healthy and firing on cylinders, this will be a slaughter. McCormack has an inch and 35 lbs on their biggest player.

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Magnificent game from Remy Martin sparks top-seeded Kansas to NCAA Tournament rout of Texas Southern

I also didn't know Remy could dunk. Seems like he is fired up for the NCAA season. I believe it's whey he came to Kansas, for a chance to win it all. He could be the key to us winning. Opponents now have to think about him going off scoring big. That can only help us as a team.

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