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Kansas football coach Lance Leipold reiterates he's 'extremely happy' at KU

It’s telling that Lance mentioned a coach who was averaging 9 wins a year losing his job. If ANY coach at KU averages 9 wins a year over multiple seasons, barring improprieties, he’s not going be fired after one losing season.

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5 and Oh My: Kansas survives late scare, hangs on to beat Iowa State 14-11

I agree with the bad officiating remarks. Besides overturning the interception, there were at least two glaring holds on KU corner blitzes that were about to be sacks. In addition, there was a clear block in the back of a KU defender on an ISU punt return which should have negated ISU’s good field position after the return. One call the officials got right was the kick-catch interference call on ISU that caused a KU fumble and ISU recovery. A win is a win. I just wish JD had not overthrown the two open receivers that would have been touchdowns and made the game a little less stressful.

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Parade celebrating KU's NCAA Championship victory slated for Sunday afternoon in downtown Lawrence

Go to the KU Athletics website where you'll find a streaming link at 2:00 PM. I posted the link earlier but it has been removed.

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Game Day Breakdown: No. 1 seed Kansas vs. No. 4 seed Providence - NCAA Sweet 16

Now is the time to play to win, not play to avoid losing. There is a difference. Letting Providence hang around is playing not to lose. Sticking it to them early, and often, is playing to win. I don’t like ugly wins this time of year!

All that said, the Hawks must treat every possession like it’s the last possession. On offense, if open, shoot the ball. On defense, no open looks for the Friars. Play defense like the TCU game in Kansas City! (3 forced shot clock violations)! Rick Chalk!

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Top-seeded Kansas basketball team greeted by good vibes in return to Windy City

Realize that Ochai does a lot of other things off the ball. He doesn't just stand around waiting for it to come to him And since the other teams key on him (usually their best defender), it opens up CB, DM, JW, and DH/RM. Och is also a great defender himself, so even when he's not doing as well offensively, he's defending as well or better than anyone else.

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Wild Sunday leaves pair of double-digit seeds on bottom half of KU's region as the Jayhawks head to Chicago for the Sweet 16

There are three head coaches still in the tournament with NC's, Coach K, Jay Wright and Bill Self. There are 48 coaches with at least one NC in the history of NCAA Men's basketball. Only 15 have more than one NC, Jay Wright has two, Coach K five. Of the coaches with most NCAA Tournament wins, Bill Self is Ninth. He's been pretty good as a coach in the Tournament.

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NCAA TOURNAMENT 2022: Senior guard Ochai Agbaji, KU's latest Big 12 Player of the Year, eyeing memorable March encore

Wayne Simien was a McDonalds All-American, but had committed to KU in the 8th or 9th grade, and played 3 years for Roy Williams before Bill Self came along. The Morris twins were four star recruits. Thomas Robinson was a Fourth team Parade All-American in 2009, and was ranked 24 (, 31 (Rivals), 40 (ESPN). Mason was a diamond-in-the-rough found by Coach Townsend. And Devonte de-committed from Appalachian State by playing a post-graduate year at Brewster Academy before choosing KU over UNC and UVA. Kansas beat out all the other Blue Blood schools to land Udoka Azubuike, who was highly recruited.

The key point is, each of these P-O-Y's played alongside McDonald's All-Americans, and other highly ranked recruits, who undoubtedly helped these young men become the Player of the Year. Coach Self (and staff) does extremely well at recruiting and coaching talent, both top 25 and just plain good.

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Kansas basketball lands No. 1 seed in NCAA Tournament's Midwest region

Really? You think the committee actually chose to put KU in Ft Worth playing a Texas school because they lost all four games they played in Texas this season? If the committee really had it in for KU, they would have put Kentucky in the 2 spot.

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Big 12 Champs: KU 'euphoric' after 74-65 win over Texas Tech, but Jayhawks still hungry for more

Way to go Jayhawks! Hard fought, well deserved win!

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KU's Ochai Agbaji 'felt the pressure' of emotional senior day as Jayhawks win Big 12 title

Playing three hard fought games in five days almost certainly had an effect on the KU players. Ochai also played more minutes than any other KU player in all three games. 37 at TCU, 38 at home vs TCU and 39 last night. Add in a warm indoor temperature 73 at the start, 80 at the finish (I know, all players suffered equally).

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