NH_JHawk 13 years, 7 months ago

lance1 - In honor of the imbibing ritual I will pay my respects with this temporary avatar. Let's kick some 'cuse a$$!!!

Kye Clark 12 years, 3 months ago

Just saw the message you'd sent to me. Not sure how you got it to go to my email yet it is not on my wall comments. At any rate, no problem as far as challenging HighlightEliteMajor's outlook on the team and its fans. Sadly his attitude has fostered a very negative vibe on these message boards and has led to many fair-weather fans coming out of the woodwork. You're right he's entitled to voice his opinions, just don't know why he feels necessary to tear everyone else down.

I'm as disappointed as any fan out there, and I think this year's team had its problems, but I too enjoyed the ride. It was an amazing season and we put ourselves in a position to have a realistic shot of winning another championship. It didn't happen, and we bowed out much earlier than I figured we'd even be challenged, doesn't mean I think any less of our coach or players.

As far as the Kellogg construction...not exactly sure. I live on the west side and rarely go that far east unless I have to. I know that if they aren't completely done they are very close. Within the last 6 months I know they finally completely opened up the Rock Road intersection, so if they aren't done they are only working on some periphary things. Sadly it never seems to end, and it is now my neighborhood that has turned into a quarantine zone.

Thanks for the message. Always nice to hear from fans, and that they appreciate my point of view.

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