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Coastal Carolina secures first Power 5 win over KU thanks to tumultuous journey

Every single time they cut to Miles he looks confused and faded. When he gives a press conference he comes off like a 3rd grader with a book report. I only followed him a little in his past coaching days, but his clips and quotes were always so animated and full of life. Now its like being on a bad cell phone call with a 3 second delay. Everyone's trying hard to understand everyone else but physically communication is a struggle.

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Notebook: Les Miles will wait to watch the film on QB Carter Stanley

I thought we hired Les Miles? This guy is unrecognizable. Every interview he's soooo soft spoken I can barely hear what he's saying. Did Les have a stroke or something? He seems really confused on the sidelines. I hate to just project my experience onto a situation but my first thoughts at looking at him is 'heavily medicated'. I hope everything is going okay with him.

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Matt Tait: Weekend challenge for KU football fans: Protect the posts

If we score 42 points I wouldn't be surprised if we set the town on fire. If I saw a 3rd and short I might buy season tickets.

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Column: Blame Weis for ’15 struggles

The man appeared out of thin air one day on campus and the whole country said, "What a solid idea for KU. That man is high quality!" Blame Weiss......and no one else.

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KU football finalizes 2016, 2017 non-conference schedules

Okay. Sounds like a reasonable way to start. Where do I order them? I'm tired of watching people jump out of a moving car and trying to 'run real fast' to keep from getting hurt. There has to be something in-between. The car needs to slow down a bit. Remember that nationally the kind of people who would bitch about a KU schedule don't care if we ever win or loose.

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KU football coaching search moving at smooth pace

What's the hurry really? I have total trust in the last person on Earth to fall for the supposed talent of Chucky Frontbutt.

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Column: Mason an expert on Kansas turnaround

And of course let us remember the 'Terry Allen offense' which was simply running the QB Draw 45 times a game.

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4 things to know about KU football's upcoming coaching search

I'm not arguing that the call is right or wrong. I'm talking about credibility. Zenger fired one disaster and hired another. How does this not effect his creditability? Answer my questions. If you think its hyperbole then it should be super easy....what will Zenger do with the next coach to make sure that guy...and the guys he's recruiting...really have support? What is Zenger going to say to fans, recruits, players and coaches?

I have no problem with the decision. But when you bring a guy back for 4 games you look like a fool. He should have pulled the trigger last year and the fact that this is the way its done shows he's small time and doesn't know what he's doing. Remember....he believed Weiss when the WHOLE country said he was a charlatan that only lucked into Tom Brady and Belichek.

He should be no where near the next decision and needs to resign, IMO. But at the very least the above subject is valid and needs to be addressed specifically by him.

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4 things to know about KU football's upcoming coaching search

Ask Zenger what he's going to do when the next coach is looking 2.33 seasons into his career with a bunch of losses? What is going to stop him from coaching like his life depends on it and making bad decisions? How are you going to make any coach believe they have any support whatsoever?

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Sifting through the fallout of the Charlie Weis firing (Spodcasters)

Heaps traded not playing in Lawrence Kansas for not playing in Miami Florida. I think he's making his decisions just fine.

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