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Is Duke KU's toughest competition for 5-star forward Matt Hurt?

If Hurt is a for sure OAD, maybe the Hawks would get him and Lightfoot would red-shirt. Mitch would be a 6-7-8 year student if it helped the Jayhawks.

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Mitch Lightfoot on how much it means to win the Sunflower Showdown

Can't hear Mitch.

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KU guard Marcus Garrett is back practicing, getting closer to a return

Off that subject, but I have been halfway hoping Dok has been learning to shoot FTs left-handed while he rehabs. Probably wouldn't hurt. LOL. Go Hawks!!

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To avoid sanctions, KU basketball may need to convince NCAA Gassnola is not a booster

The NCAA is completely arbitrary about its interpretation and enforcement of its rules and regulations. there have just been too many examples to list them all. I do remember back several years when they suspended a highly productive player for several games because his legal guardian who was active in the player's school's booster club in their home city a couple of thousand miles away from campus for paying for the player's trip home for a school break. Even though the "booster" was legally responsible for paying for the player's well being, the NCAA saw a violation.

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New starting role doesn't mean David McCormack trying to play like 'superstar'

To borrow a comment from I think originally Doug Collins: "Know your role, Play your role, Star in your role" . This particular team has clearly defined role for its roster. If these guys understand their roles for this season and can play and occasionally star in their roles then a long will be possible. This squad is an old school Bill Self Tulsa-like team play great defense, share the ball, score when you are in position to score and count on one another. Very fun to watch.

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Lightfoot, McCormack finding footing in new-look KU basketball rotation

Mitch Lightfoot is a JAYHAWK!!!!! That says it all when speaking about his role on this team. McCormack would do well to approximate what Mitch does for now. In a couple of years he may well show that he is NBA bound. Playing hard and with abandon whenever they are on the floor will be a difference maker the rest of this season. All season we have known that the front court has been without a mentor or how to be a Jayhawk and hard-nosed and determined to overcome. This team needs to look no further than Lightfoot. Although he may lack that supreme OAD talent of some,if the rest of the team expends the energy and heart that Mitch does their talents will be very apparent. (e.g., Agbaji).

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Dedric Lawson takes over late to sneak Kansas past New Mexico State

D. Lawson gets it and it's too bad that HC Self was in such a bad mood to not acknowledge that fact that Lightfoot changed the game and through sheer will forced the Hawks to play with energy and urgency. Obvious Player of the Game

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Sleeping on Vick, KU football commitments and is it time for Marcus Garrett to join the starting lineup?

Grimes will be fine as he is a freshman getting time under his belt. His upside is much greater than Garret's. The bigger question in my mind is will Garrett be happy with settling into the role of a "glue" guy who does the many dirty little things that bind a team together, like defend, rebound, assist, hustle, get the 50/50 balls (like Lightfoot) or will he continue at times to throw up a bunch of wild and crazy shots.

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Svi Mykhailiuk could've turned pro 4 years ago; he's glad he chose KU instead

Svi's age, his skill set, and his physical attributes, all point to a successful NBA career. His experience at KU and his maturation as a team player bodes well for him. I predict a ten year career which means he will make some serious money and still be a thirty-something. I would like to see him join Embid in Philly.

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Postgame Report Card: Kansas 85, Duke 81, OT

my only regret from lat night's awesome win is that Lightfoot didn't find the court. Taking absolutely nothing away from the value de Sousa brings to the team and they are much stronger as he continues to grow and be comfortable; no player has had to sacrifice more of his natural game than Mitch and he has done yeoman's work to get KU where they are. But I am sure that he is as glad as anyone that they won.

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