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Former KU forward Carlton Bragg Jr. kicked off team at New Mexico after DWI arrest

You always hope for the best with these types of young men. But you know fully well that this story probably doesn't have a happy ending to it.

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5-star Class of 2022 KU commitment Tre White reopens recruitment, remains interested in Kansas

You all know FULLY WELL why he’s reopening his recruitment. It’s because he and the people immediately surrounding him suddenly realized that they were leaving a ton of money on the table if he had remained committed.

Let’s not be naive, major conference college basketball and football are in no way amateur sports, that’s just a facade. This kid’s handlers are now going to get a bunch of money and benefits, and even though the kid might want to play for KU, he may very well end up at a school with a stronger bag man game such as Duke or Kentucky.

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Jayhawks contend progress was made in Les Miles' 1st year in charge

Progress was made. This is a 1 win team with Beaty. With Miles, we boast wins against BC and Texas Tech.

KU football is the most difficult job in Division I college football, at best it's one of the 3 most difficult jobs. So maybe some of us should quit with the unrealistic expectations. Turning this morbid program around was never a 1 year job, it's going to take a decade AT LEAST. I might remind you, we play in a league with: Oklahoma, Texas, TCU, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, West Virginia, K State, Iowa State and Baylor. Where any of you saw 4 wins, I don't know.

We're lucky though, to have a guy like Les Miles in charge. That goes a LONG way in giving this program some legitimacy. Becoming a mid table program in a league featuring the above mentioned teams though...that is going to take some time. Have some patience, because for once, it finally seems like we have the right guy in charge.

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5-star guard Bryce Thompson picks Kansas

That's a huge commitment in the face of NCAA shenanigans and when NCAA credibility is reaching an all time low. Yes, if you were wondering, I threw that comment in just for the purpose of shading the NCAA and their facade of amateurism.

Great pick up, now let's build on it and continue putting together a championship caliber team so we can rub it in the faces of the empty suits at the NCAA.

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FanDuel’s odds for KU vs. Duke in Champions Classic

Hoping to see some Zion William$$$$$$$on signs out tonight!

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Kansas QB Carter Stanley performing well against different types of pressure

It's amazing the difference a competent coach can make, isn't it?

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Big 12 reprimands KU for football fans' field-storming

If KU beats K State on Saturday, I'm going to LOL so hard...

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KU's Azubuike named Preseason Big 12 Player of the Year

I love these Rambo-like faces that Azubuike makes when he attacks the rim LOL!

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