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The Jayhawks who stood out most to coaches during spring football

I have to say that maybe the most exciting part of this story, to me, is that so few of these names are seniors. I'm excited for this season, and the future.

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Up-tempo offenses troubling for Kansas defense

All that means is that 99% of the plays are called passes to begin with, so if he checks off, it is from a pass to a run.

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Opinion: Bring back wishbone

Don't you remember when OU ran the bone & was no 1 in the country: overall rank, rushing yards per game, AND fumbles per game? Institute it in 1 week? Pure insanity.

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Opinion: Bring back wishbone

Don't forget all those games we watched OU run the 'bone, and Nebraska's triple option. They racked up yards, scores, and wins... and fumbles. And they practiced it all the time. Throwing our guys into something they aren't even old enough to have seen on TV, let alone practiced, could be a turnover disaster.

I do wish CW would mix in a little more passing, just to keep the defense honest. I think our running game is going to be just fine against anything but a goal-line defense. As long as we can keep 'em from loading the box all day, we'll be fine.

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Bobby Cremins (finally) visits fieldhouse, speaks at clinic

No doubt. Given his background, that's the most complementary comparison he knew how to give.

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Driving force: Jayhawks wary of OSU RB Joseph Randle

because Weis said Crist was better and we didn't need him anymore, and we all sat there starry-eyed & said "ok".

I don't think Webb is better than Crist in most categories, but at least when he can't figure out where to throw the ball, he's athletic enough to try to run for something. Crist is a statue.

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Déjà ewww! KU falls apart in 4th (again)

for me to judge Weis, I'm holding him to his own words. He made a comment about young WRs, saying you can't be afraid to bench the senior if the other guy gets it done better. Well, Crist looks lost, and slow. Bench him, give somebody else a shot. He may (or may not) look great in practice, but he can't handle the game at game speed. Done.

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Keegan: Dayne Crist’s miss costly

I don't know how good he looks at practice, but he's a total dud at game speed. Slow reads, slow AND poor decisions, missed throws, and the only person in the stadium who is slower on his feet than I am. Sorry Charlie, he's gotta go.

We have nothing to gain by continuing to play him, but we do have other players that could use the reps. And, let's face it, he has nothing to gain by continuing to start. His dream of playing in the NFL is just a joke. Let's try to win, or at least try to get a QB ready to win next year. This guy has pretty much killed this season. The competition only gets better as the season progresses... Crist hasn't improved much at all, and shows no signs of turning that around.

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Fun and games: Crist aims to trust teammates, loosen up after tight start

Read again: Lubbock, Stillwater, Manhattan... don't forget Ames. Yeah, we're obscure.

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Journey of KU safety Brandon Hawks a story worth sharing

One of the many stories that make me proud to be a Jayhawk. I hope we do well enough in one of the early games that he does get on the field for a few plays. I know it won't be a "Rudy" moment, but the fact that his whole team lined up to shake his hand tells me all I need to know about this guy's character.

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