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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

This is disappointing for several reasons, the least of which being the waste of my time searching for my new Bobby Douglass avatar. Like many others, I have no problem with using my real identity when I post, but setting up a Facebook account is off the table. So, this is goodbye.

They probably won't see this comment, but very best wishes to all of the Jayhawk athletes and teams going forward, particularly those like the women's golf and basketball teams, since I follow both and regularly post encouragement or congratulations, whichever the case may be.

Also, for the site to set such an arbitrary method for establishing a verified identity, knowing that a wide swath of followers would surely fall by the wayside as a result, suggests a pretty low level of regard for their patronage.

Incidentally, I for one would have no problem making a $1.00 Paypal contribution as a way of verifying my identity.

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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

I haven't checked the details yet, but I hope I won't have to appear in person and submit a DNA sample to prove my identity.

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Prep Oubre expected to announce today

Mr. Oubre, you da 'Hombre'!

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Kansas volleyball rolls at Baylor

Congratulations, team!

We're fortunate that it's volleyball season (and, not some other season).

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KU volleyball sweeps K-State

It's always great to beat K-State. Awesome win!

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KU men’s golf finishes second at Madison

Well done, guys! Special congratulations to Hanna and Foth.

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KU women golfers fourth in Austin

Congratulations on a solid, highly competitive outing. A putt here or there, and who knows? Keep working, ladies. We're proud of you!

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KU women’s golf a stroke out of 1st

Wow! Stay sharp, ladies, and snag another title!

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Hanna, Foth lead KU men’s golf

Impressive! It's going to be tough to catch South Carolina, but being just 1 stroke out of 2nd is nothing to sneeze at.

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Home sweep home: KU volleyball rolls over TCU in rare Big 12 opener at home

Good going! It seems like the team is steadily improving.

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