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Jeff Withey’s debut delayed by details

He was cut from Indiana but is now on Denver...

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KU men's basketball open practice set for 5:10 p.m. Thursday

"Self hasn't produced a real star on the next level either."

Doesn't Deron Williams count?

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Perfect storm: Elijah Johnson buries ISU with 39 points

@justinryman Good eye! I think it's because those lights actually flicker (you can see it in slow motion replays) and the camera was set to take pictures faster that the scoreboard but it could definitely be because (as you said) he shot the lights out. Normally I think this photo would not be used because of this. Too bad it wasn't mentioned in the caption.

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FINAL: KU drops third straight in 72-66 loss to Oklahoma

What if Bmac was the point and passed it every time he is double-teamed like Kobe has been lately?

We just got to get our shots to go IN! I swear we are due for a 90% shooting performance.

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Behind the Lens: Gearing up for the NCAA tournament

Yes, your photos are always amazing.

I enjoy the behind the scenes stuff.

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Jayhawks in the NBA

Yeah, Darnell!!

Also I agree, a little time and effort could make this an interesting weekly staple.

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Sudden impact: Selby lives up to hype in debut

Yeah, I saw that too. It looks like the guy behind him is helping him off the court and he is saluting the fans before they go into the lockerroom to reattach his leg.

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Jayhawks awed by Robinson’s slam

I guess I didn't word that too well.

I am saying they dunked so much in that DePaul game because they lost a 20-something point lead to DePaul the year before by not "bringing it."

"Bring out your dunks... (clang) Bring out your dunks..."

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Jayhawks awed by Robinson’s slam

Hmm... it's pretty obvious they got out their dunks after losing rather painfully to DePaul the year before.

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K-State crushes Texas

Doesn't the AP know that teams should be listed with the home team mentioned last?

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