Miguel Colón Mikeylovesthehawks

Miguel Colón Mikeylovesthehawks


RyanHawk 13 years, 10 months ago

Although it doesn't matter anymore since he decided not to red-shirt. I agree that if I were Mario I would red-shirt and already said that in one of my posts. If I was the coaching staff I would want him to play. Either way he looked good last night vs. K-State and I think he will get better. Little will never play the 2 spot for KU he isn't fast enough or dribble good enough in the open floor. Our 2 guard is basically another PG in Bill Self's system. He will play the 3 or the 4 and actually he has only played the 4 so far.As far as recruitment in my opinion it would of hurt us with Harrison Barnes if Little red-shirted because Little will most likely be playing the 3 and have no time at the 4 when Robinson and Withey start playing next year.If your comment about "true" jayhawkers is suppose to refer that I wouldn't be a fan of Little's in the future if he red-shirted or that I'm not a "true" fan then your crazy! I love the University of Kansas and maybe you should stop thinking that you are better then everyone and instead think that you a part of what I feel is the best fan base in college sports!Cheers,RyanHawk

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