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KU offense can't keep up with Red Raiders

"...14 point swing, KU wins."

That's not how it goes. Those moments only change the event up to that point. If they happen at the end of the event, you could arguably state that. TTU responded to KU's scores too well too often for those moments to impact the outcome of the event.


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Column: Kansas must be smarter in hiring next coach

"Such madness must stop..." Agreed. How about starting with honesty or the dishonesty within this article.

Weis and Gill are being paid their salaries of 12 and 10 million USD because "KU" breached the contracts of 5 years. All parties in a "properly written" contract will stipulate a penalty for breach of contract (termination). Be honest. KU signed coaches to turn around/put to rest a century's worth of average to below average coaching eras, but ceases to do the same with the knee-jerk-reactions to its impatience. After terminating the contract, it faults others (coaches for example) for failures it continues to make. [The culture of quick and instant gratification]

While incentivizing contracts of "unproven talent" may bring you some performance boosts, it can also create a revolving door at the coach's seat. On a 5-year contract, a coach will look to re-negotiate the contract if performance is significantly higher 2-3 years into the contract. Otherwise, the coach walks to a better deal.


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Column: Can Cozart continue as KU's QB?

"Third rebuttal..."

Others seem to do develop their players because they are given 5+ years to develop their players. [Duke is an example.] The only one you can or anyone in the Big 12 would cite to be different is Bill Snyder. However, (not to take anything away from Bill) the field was different when Bill started. It was easier for him to turn things around sooner. Now his system is such a well-oiled machine, he can stop and start his system anywhere with similar turn-around times, until someone comes along and raises the bar again or changes the game.

Regarding Cozart, that is the spread talking; Weis was brought here for the pro-style. The switch to the spread was pressure from fans, alumni, etc. Also, the OC oversees that. Reagan made the call, but whose head had to roll because of it? Weis was criticized in the past for micromanaging. He stops, and it is still his fault. It's okay; he knows the game. Now you have to pay him and wait another 5 years. [NOTE: Harwell pointed out one of Cozart's problems; he's trying to be a passer (drop-back). If you run into him, tell him to let go of his "I have to prove something...". The problem is self-inflicted; he has to prove he can pass.]

Just remember, Kansas hasn't had an above average era (coaching) since World War I. Until Kansas stops switching coaches every time 'it' gets a migraine, Kansas will remain average or below.


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Column: Can Cozart continue as KU's QB?

"Second rebuttal..."

First question, yes. It is/was documented in video. Second question, no. Second hand eye-witness by interviews of Weis, statements by Brady, Quinn and others around them.

Second part...

Your biggest problem with potential all-stars vs. all-stars is strength training and conditioning. The solution is to set the goal so that it doesn't matter what level you come in at as a college freshman (3-star, 2-star, etc.), you will be at minimum a 7-star recruit level by junior year. In 'smack talk', give me 2 years and I will have your grandmother (if living) kick your tail. :) The secret/trick to it all is recovery time - be it training or injury, and no one... no one in the college- or pro-levels knows it. You can argue some have come close, for example Les Miles, but no one has nailed it, knows it.


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Column: Can Cozart continue as KU's QB?

"First rebuttal... "

To answer your first question, yes.

You can have a student do laps or calisthenics and get the same effect, if you are so adamant about 'yelling gets their attention'. While you are busy raising your voice to a level of stress, I just increased the student's fitness level and got the same point across. No stress on my part - yours... not so much.

To answer your second question, I am not defending someone making a mistake as I am questioning 'your' method of correction/discipline as that is somehow superior than what 'you' claim Weis did. I take it you never taught at the college level(?).

NOTE: Teaching/instructing and coaching are the same. At the college level, does the teacher/instructor yell at 'you' in front of the class when 'you' make a mistake, or do you receive a bad grade? Does the teacher/instructor receive a notice of termination because you and other students do poorly?


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Column: Can Cozart continue as KU's QB?

First... what good does it do to yell at a college student to get her/him to do anything and/or to notice her/him of a mistake he/she witnessed he/she made? Is this college/post-secondary education or K-6?

Second... there was no special treatment by Weis to Brady Quinn and Tom Brady. *All* QB's are treated (by Weis) the same - you are assisted in having that "Ah-ha" moment where all things come together (the infamous click). Hand holding is for two-year-olds.

Third... there is no fact that Weis doesn't develop players. In case you were not aware, Weis spoke to the "difficulty of developing players at the college level". Unlike in the pro's, you are limited to the time allotted for teaching at the college level by NCAA rules. So you have to provide the means and environment in which they (players) are able to overcome that deficit.


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’Horn warning: Weis, Jayhawks wary of Texas

"The timing of Reagan's hire was off by 2 years. If Weis would have brought him immediately, we would be in better shape."

This has nothing to do with Weis bringing him earlier. Weis was brought here to institute the pro-style offense by the university; not the spread offense. The idea to switch to the spread offense came later. Fault, if any, is with the university, students, and/or alumni.

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