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Jayhawks give scare but fall short against TCU, 34-30

"Charlie Weis was a horrible head coach. I don't know why, but it wasn't that hard to tell. He never showed any emotion on the side line and quite frankly, if the head coach doesn't have energy it reflects across the whole team."

If a team is reliant on energy from the coach, it must be kiddy-league (youth/junior) football. Besides, passion only works in close games. When you rely on passion for every game, all of your trumps are played. It's time to fold your hand.

"Now, for Bowen's 6 games, we've lost 5. In these losses, if Bowen had been head coach at the beginning of this season with Cummings at QB, we very well may have beaten WVU, Oklahoma State, and probably TCU yesterday."

As Aerosmith would say "Dream On!" To play the scenario, then you would have to include Duke and Texas. Bowen added to the loss to OSU because he changed the kick which led to Tyreek Hill returning it for a TD. Had Bowen been the coach from beginning of the season, Cozart would have been the QB. It was Reagan who was calling the plays and the personnel for his plays.

"There is no way this would have been a close game if Weis was still here. That is the reason we were doing so badly. He doesn't have any kind of leadership ability that warrants another head coaching position any where, not even high school."

Not true and speculative. For all you know, the team was beginning its turn-around at the 4th game, or the HC firing was a wake-up call for the team, or ... etc.

Even Bowen said, “At some point in time you have to grow up and figure out how to take care of your business... Some of you are struggling with that. It's not that hard, men. Those are the little things that add up to us losing football games.” -- Again, this is textbook Charlie Weis. Even Cummings uses one of Weis' lines -- "... Long (Short) day at the office."


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Harwell and King kill the curse of the KU four-year transfers

Are/Were your college teachers/instructors responsible for the bad grades you and others received in their classes?

Let's play it your way for a moment. Then Bowen is responsible for OSU returning a kick-off for a TD late in the game, since it was his call. Charlie Weis would not have made that mistake. ;-)


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Harwell and King kill the curse of the KU four-year transfers

"I am completely mystified as to how Weis, the so-called QB guru, could not have seen that Cummings was better than Cozart. How on earth could he have been so wrong???"

I am *mystified* that people make this statement or think it. Weis was brought in for a pro-style offense. Pressure was put on (by KU) for a spread offense. The switch to a spread (offense) brought Reagan. Reagan made the call for Cozart.

If you check 'the history books', Weis said Cummings is a drop-back QB, who can run, with a canon for an arm. The only things missing are size and experience. Weis' MO is to take guys like Cummings and red-shirt them; having them train for 2 years minimum before throwing them to the wolves.


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Column: Red flags appeared at Weis’ introduction

Red flags appear whenever Keegan puts 'pen to paper'.


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Bears put up 669 yards of offense in 60-14 rout

"Know the reasons why we are in this predicament. We all understand that the fans didn't choose who to hire as head coach, but you can't control that. Understand and have some patience for whoever the next coach is. Don't expect a turnaround in 2 years or less..."

[Grins and Chuckles] It is nice to see some still have humor/humour.


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Column: QB change smart for KU

If Keegan could write these "column articles" with some intelligence, it would be astounding; darn near impressive.


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Column: On paper, next year's football roster looks worse

"Clearly, Kansas can’t afford a third consecutive bad hire if it is to attain respectability this decade."

Now there's the pot calling the kettle black. You are firing a coach after 2 years knowing it takes much longer (normally 2-3 times as long) to turn a football team/program around... 'Hire a coach... no, fire the coach. Hire a coach... no, fire the coach.' 'Waiter, we'll have a pro-style offense... Waiter, no, make that a spread offense (it goes with our b-ball)... Waiter! Where's my order?... Let's go the service sucks. I'm taking my business elsewhere."

If you desire "...respectability this decade.", try taking a long introspective, objective look at who you are, what you want, and how long it will take, realistically.


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A day in the life of Clint Bowen

1. It is what coaches go through; nothing special to be taken.

2. I stated marketing; not propaganda or misinformation. If you don't understand the difference, then you may need (or want) to take a class on the subject. Then you can do what the top executives of the Fortune 500 do and learn the 'Art of Persuasion'.

3. "Maybe that means we'll work our way up to average." Well, that may be fine for you, but it would only mean KU is maintaining "status quo". This has been the case of the coach's eras for about a century now.

4. “At some point in time you have to grow up and figure out how to take care of your business,” he says with the tone of someone speaking from experience. “Some of you are struggling with that. It's not that hard, men. Those are the little things that add up to us losing football games.” (- Clint Bowen). This is textbook Charlie Weis. ;-)


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A day in the life of Clint Bowen

"A day in the life of Clint Bowen" aka 'The Selling (Marketing) of a Coach'. This wasn't much different than half the coaches out there. Good article, but it is just marketing.


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KU offense can't keep up with Red Raiders

I grasp what you are saying, but it is wishful thinking, fantasy. You are re-constructing an event back in time and cherry-picking which moments (of the event) are to be played. If King catches the ball, how does TTU respond? Do they respond the same way as if he didn't? Of course not. For one, KU has to kick-off to TTU. Different timeline to go down than say a punt. Is there urgency on TTU's part to get a touchdown and stay within the game or keep the game under their control? Of course there is. TTU is sparked/spurred by the scoring, as they showed. It is a different feeling than the sigh of relief that he [King] dropped a TD pass.

It is one thing to have a fantasy about the outcome of an event, quite another to cherry-pick data points along a timeline whose outcome is determined by each data point in the timeline influencing the succeeding data point to draw a conclusion.


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