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KU, Boston Celtics legend Jo Jo White dies at 71

I saw every home game he played (we lived just a couple of blocks from Allen Fieldhouse). 91 year old dad still lives in the same house. The memory that will never fade was the step out of bounds against Texas Western. I thought for sure, that would be the year the Jayhawks won it all. I still think we would have creamed Kentucky in the final. I couldn't read a sports page for a month...I just couldn't bear to read how we were defeated. I swore to anyone who would listen that Jo Jo did not step out of bounds...but, well, we all know the history. Jo Jo was always good for about three steals a game of which he always took it to the hoop and layed it in. He could dunk if he wanted, but he never did. I agree with Ted Owens in that he had no weaknesses in his game. I have a lot of favorite Jayhawks, but Jo Jo is in my top five. My condolences to his family and all the Jayhawk fans who knew him.

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Quack attacked: Oregon ends KU's season in Elite Eight

Absolutely right! You have to have to be there to have a chance...any idea how many teams didn't have a chance this year? Think their fan base might have wanted one? This is not a two and out tournament, it is a one and out tournament. Six games you have to team standing. Luck plays a great deal into it. Look back at all the games and you will see that the whole tournament could have gone a different way for numerous teams. We didn't shoot the ball even close to what would be considered normal for our team...not rocket science here. Inability to score let Oregon play downhill all night. It happens, get over it! Bill Self by the way, took no shots in this game.

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Quack attacked: Oregon ends KU's season in Elite Eight

Anybody who wants Bill Self fired is an idiot. This team fought like hell all year long! They tried too hard tonight, witness fighting for rebounds among themselves. However they went down fighting and that I can live with every time!

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