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Tom Keegan: Jamie Stanclift latest success story from family coaching tree

You go Jaimie! I grew up across the street from your Dad. Best neighbors ever!. We went to school and Number 6, what some people now say is the old spooky building at 23rd and Iowa. The Stanclifts have a great tradition of baseball and softball throughout the family and it is so good to know that you are following in the footsteps! Say hi to your Dad from Mike Mitchell. By the way, your Dad and I were both born on March 6th. Different years, but not by a lot! Hope you make the NAIA tournament!

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Wanted: 3-point shooters for KU team seeking to replace nearly all of its outside shooting from 2017-18 season

Matt, considering the final score of our game against Villanova would have been 86-75.5 or a 10.5 point difference if 3's were counted at 2.5, and considering the fact that a team behind might not panic so much and start firing only threes and considering if the game is closer because of these two projected scenarios then the team playing catch up might not feel as compelled to foul so much to try and get the ball back...I think you would have a much more competitive game considerably less affected by the long shot.

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Wanted: 3-point shooters for KU team seeking to replace nearly all of its outside shooting from 2017-18 season

Ok, problem solved...3 pointers now become 2-1/2 pointers. Your are welcome.

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Tom Keegan: Final Four loss doesn't take away from Jayhawks' accomplishments

Very proud of these guys...hated watching that game last night, but only because we could never get back in it. Hats off to Villanova for keeping the pressure on the entire game. Would have been interesting only if 'Nova shot 40% from three instead of 45%...12 points off the board might have made a game of it. As coach said, they never suffered and game pressure. We had a few moments (very few), where a big make would have let them know we were there, but we really never hit even one of those! I can't remember a game where there was absolutely nothing to cheer about after Dok's first shot. One good thing though, scream therapy must work, as I am very docile today. After all of that, reflections of this team are all good. They really fought and somehow pulled off another Big 12 Championship! Rock Chalk Jayhawk, Go K U!!!

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Reseeding and Vegas odds reveal wide open NCAA Tournament

Last year, after our sweet sixteen game...WE looked like we were on another level! Then the elite eight game showed differently. I don't think any teams first two games means anything. You only get to play one team at a time and you had better show up ready to play, or, like last year...we will go home. I have enjoyed this years Jayhawks for the intensity they have shown in the first two games...if this intensity keeps up, then we have a great chance at running the table!

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20 years later, Wilt Chamberlain's return to Kansas still produces chills

My Wilt story goes back to 1957. I was five years old and my nine year old brother somehow received a ticket to go see Wilt play in Allen Fieldhouse. I was jealous, but anxious to hear about "Wilt the Stilt". Sure enough, my brother comes home to report on the evening. He had nothing to say about the game other than, "Dad...he...he...he was a Giant!!!" Needless to say, I was hooked on the legend from that day forward. A few years later, I used to re-read the articles in our Colliers Encyclopedia that dealt with college national championship winners. I kept reading it over the years hoping that one day it would change and Wilt and the Jayhawks would have beaten North Carolina in that three overtime thriller. A hopeless romantic to the end.

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Jo Jo White: What It Means To Be A Jayhawk

Told ya! He was in!

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KU, Boston Celtics legend Jo Jo White dies at 71

My opinion remains...HE WAS IN!!!!!

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Strong play from 2 KU seniors helped put an end to Jayhawks' Morgantown misery

I am with far my most favorite part of the game! When we are that aggressive, I actually can live with losing because I know the kids are giving everything they've got. Of course, when they do that AND is a great feeling!

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