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Cole Aldrich completes KU degree in NBA, will graduate this month

Always nice to see a millionaire come back and finish what he started, even though he doesn't really NEED his degree. I wish he'd get a shot with a team where he fits in better, but he's had one guaranteed contract and he'll be just fine no matter what happens with his career from here. Rock Chalk!

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KU assistant Joe Dooley hired as head coach at Florida Gulf Coast

okiedave, I hate to be the spelling police but your spelling is atrocious.

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Kansas hoops banquet tonight

You would think it would be easy to scroll up in the article and repeat that spelling in your post...guess not.

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How former Jayhawks fared in Jan. 29 NBA games

I supported Selby and Henry 100% during both of their 1 year stays in Lawrence. Like many, I questioned both decisions to leave early and so far (as predicted) it has been a flop for both. Another year or two in college couldn't have hurt either one of them. I'm not asking a question that hasn't been asked a million times before, but why not stay another year or two in school? Sure, another couple years as a "poor college student" but it could've helped them extend their potential to earn money for another 5+ years on the back end of an NBA career.

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Royce Woolridge to reunite with KU tonight

Wright cut Chalmers from the U19 USA Team and Sherron decided not to play on that team as well. Then KU played Nova in the tourney in '08 en route to the National Title and the whole team took it personally on behalf of Mario. Brandon, Shady, Darnell, Sasha turned it into a dunk contest and Mario was trash talking Jay Wright every chance he got.

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ESPN: KU hoops has No. 2 recruiting class for 2013

No, I'm sure Self has the final say on who's allowed and who isn't. Fran has been in the media for years and is a big admirer of Self/KU. I doubt he's getting any special insight into the HCBS game plan for our first matchup with OU on January 26th.

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Sherron II? Collins-like guard Frank Mason picks KU

I didn't say it was comparable to Sherron's dunk, I just said I'd seen him dunk. Who really cares about a 5'11 PG dunking? Like I said, Sherron wasn't in dunking shape most of his time at KU and he was still really successful. I hope he has half the heart and onions Sherron did.

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Sherron II? Collins-like guard Frank Mason picks KU

Easy one handed dunk @ 3:05, especially for a 5'11 guy and this is from his '10-'11 season. It's reasonable to think he's gotten stronger and more explosive in the last couple years.

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Sherron II? Collins-like guard Frank Mason picks KU

Go check out some youtube video of Mason, he's 5'11 and can dunk. I have a special spot in my heart for Sherron, if for nothing else, he was able to get that pass off to Mario for the shot. Let's call it though, Sherron wasn't in dunking shape his last 3 years at KU and it didn't matter because he could play. Comparing Mason to Sherron is a stretch at this point, but not because of height and leaping ability.

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