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Future Jayhawks Gradey Dick, MJ Rice, Ernest Udeh named McDonald's All-Americans

As a point of reference, JCL would have been a senior eligible for the 2015 McDonals team. In an alternate college basketball universe Cheick Diallo could still be playing for some team.

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Offensive defensive effort sinks No. 6 Kansas in 75-67 loss at Texas Tech

If I see any gap, it is that KU has been missing the Thomas Robinson/Darnell Jackson type player for a number of years. The center spot can be a bit off if there is a strong defender/rebounder at the four spot. KU has many of the same type of players-long wings such as Och, Braun, Wilson (had Thompson and Enaruna). These are all great players but kind of duplicate needs. They can also use their strength area vs: another team which they do most of the time. Still could have come out of TT with a win, but for some bad breaks. Thought JCL was fouled on a three at a point where some charities would have been nice. He also has a three go most of the way down the basket before it bounced out. I forget who was hacked on a dunk, but no "and one" given. On the other side, there were about three times where KU played great D and TT threw up something with the clock expiring, only to get a good bounce on the rebound (or jump ball). Another time, KU had great D and I think forced the ball out to the wing where it was lost but scooped at the top of the key and the guy runs straight in and I believe was fouled. Sandwiched in between these fortunate plays they did have some nice cuts to the basket--but it certainly was not every time, but just seems like it when the fortunate (or hustle) plays fill in between.

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COVID-19 issue within Colorado hoops program leads to cancellation of KU-CU game in Boulder

We are arguing over the wrong questions/statements. Yes, vaccines work, Yes, science changes (that is the definition of), Yes, half the politicians are not helpful. Yes, most of the college kids double vaccinated and boosted will be fine. But, here is the key question--how do we avoid overloading our hospital systems/health care? Yes, omicron is less severe, but if 30% are not willing to help the common good they will overfill the hospitals, creating a dangerous situation which will require consideration of curtailing or cancelling activities. If a higher percentage was into the common good there would still be some breakthrough and hospitilizations with this variant, but the word some is manageable. Beyond some or where we are heading and it is a disaster for the hospitals, it is the national guard called in for triage. Get that to a manageable level and we can answer all those questions of can we play through--more than likely in the affirmative. I am all for k-12 and college students being able to have as normal of an experience as possible in their education.

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Reports: RB Velton Gardner leaving KU football via transfer portal

Can someone put up a graphic/list of KU running back recruits starting with the same entering class as Mitch Lightfoot. In theory, any from that list could still be here.

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Reports: RB Velton Gardner leaving KU football via transfer portal

Need to round the corner and provide a culture worth staying for. At ISU, nearly everyone came back for this year despite many looking at a good draft position. I think Leipold can create this culture, but will take some time.

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Jason Bean named KU football's starting QB for opener vs. South Dakota

Let the new era begin! And indeed it will be a new era if the first three plays do not follow the pattern of the first three plays of so many games guided by the past four coaching staffs:

First Down: Slant pass behind scrimmage, dropped
Second and Ten: Running play, three yards
Third and Seven: Slant pass, caught and tackled behind the line, minus three yards
Fourth and Ten: Punt

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KU sophomore Dajuan Harris no longer headed to Spain for summer exhibition tour

Many schools canceled their seasons as a result of the Spanish flu, others played only three or four games with no overnight travel as dictated by the federal government. The federal government did want some football to continue, especially at military bases due to morale and the strong association of football with military training. Players at uni football teams did die as a result of the flu. How many is somewhat unknown.

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KU sophomore Dajuan Harris no longer headed to Spain for summer exhibition tour

George Washington issued mandatory vaccinations at Valley Forge--without them, they did not have much of a chance at success.

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Proactive approach critical for KU if Oklahoma and Texas really do leave the Big 12

What is annoying about this process is the rush of side-deals without a big picture. The initial side-deal (Texas and OU) then creates a landscape that all other institutions and multiple sports must operate in. Mark Emmert made an interesting comment a few weeks ago, arguing it is time to start from scratch. By this he meant not only de-centralize, but review the entire D1,2,3 model.

The Power 5 might become the Power 4 for football, but we are talking about 64 or so schools. logical organization would be Matt G.'s projection above, only add OSU to the SEC. If one could arbitrarily move institutions, move Vanderbilt to the Big Ten would be a better profile fit. I'm not totally keen on Baylor, TT, and TCU to the Pac, but there is a good point to be made on the Pac getting a midwest time zone profile. Baylor v. Oregon might also be too much by way of uniforms.

In reality, there should be the 64 playing each other, but cupcakes...

The creation of the super conferences impacts all the other sports. For basketball, how do you divide up a 16 team schedule--everyone twice takes all of your games and then some. Play your half conference twice and the other side once takes 22 games--still a lot. For sports like cross country and track, you now have a very big conference meet, which creates a major competition right before they need to participate in a super regional and then for the best, nationals. All because football needs super conferences.

The basketball alignment is also out of hand. Are there now 300 plus schools who want to be called D1? In my region alone Upper Mississippi RIver West Bank U, and St. Mary's Seminary Tech recently announced their declarations for D1 status (this is sarcasm). This then drags all of their sports in the department to D1 status. I don't have all the answers, but any realignment must consider Title IX and have the goal of not eliminating sports. I would start with something like all in the Power 4 must field teams at D1 level. All others will be assigned a level based on scholarship or funding commitment. For example, if Northern Arizona funds approximately 60 football scholarships, they get D1A (or second tier) status in football, but they choose to fully fund men's and women's cross country, so they are D1 level there. They can have an unfunded men's soccer and women's lacrosse, and then get assigned a lower tier accordingly. If wanting that D1 designated basketball status, they would have to fund x number of other teams/field x number of teams.

This moves off on a tangent, but it always irks me how the whole system has to be set up around a Texas or OU trying to grab more money and exposure. Back to the real question--where will KU wind up? Sounds like talks with the Big Ten for both KU and Iowa State. I think it would be a great landing spot and I'm not just saying that because the Jayhawks would be within two hours of me, playing at two current Big Ten institutions.

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KU's Bill Self 'disappointed' in Kansas Legislature's inabilty to pass legislation on name, image, likeness

I agree-very weak move to combine the two issues. And mean spirited to boot.

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