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Kansas runs risk of blowing big money if it stays inside world of college athletics for next AD

Unfortunately, the environment we're in, buyouts are just part of the cost of doing business. I'd be willing to bet that every head coaching contract has a buyout clause. It's not limited to coaching either. Most CEO's (right or wrong) have a buyout. Even in the medical field, most doctors have a buyout.

As much as it sucks that we're paying coaches not to coach here any longer, if KU refused to include a buyout in a new coaches or AD's contract, we'd never get anyone worth hiring.

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Former and current Jayhawks react to KU's win over Duke, spot in Final Four

It's Mitch Lightfoot. The article about Lightfoot, by Chasen, has that exact same photo but from the other side.

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The latest on Silvio De Sousa, Billy Preston, both of whom are still waiting for their turn to play

Well, that d-bag Oliver Luck probably doesn't care about Texas, but he does care about ensuring KU doesn't win another B12 title - especially when his Mountaineers are in the hunt for the title.

If the NCAA were a legitimate organization, and not the farce that they've continually shown themselves to be, they would require Luck to recuse himself from all decisions pertaining to B12 athletes.

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Five-star guard Quentin Grimes picks Kansas

Didn't Ryan Robertson play some 2 before Vaughn graduated?

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Tom Keegan: Beaty and Zenger prove Leo Durocher still right

This actually makes the most sense - both for the "keep Beaty" crowd, and the "we want a change" crowd. Bring in a good AD, who we can trust to make the best decision - whether it's to fire or keep Beaty, and if it is to fire, someone who will hire a better coach than we've been hiring - and then trust the process.

I personally think Beaty's not gonna make any progress no matter how many scholarship players he had, but I understand the opposite argument. Zenger, however, has badly whiffed on his football hires and should be moved to another position or out the door.

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Daniel Wise delivered fiery post-game speech on 'the truth' after TCU shutout

Good for him! With the clear lack of leadership from the coaching staff, it's up to the guys actually playing the game to step up and motivate each other.

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A look at college football's worst three-game losing streaks

I guess I wasn't clear in my comment. I wasn't suggesting we go after a coach on the hot seat. What I meant was, as soon as those coaches get fired at the better programs, they'll be looking for new coaches and the best candidates will likely choose those jobs over KU. I was suggesting we start our job search before those hot-seat coaches get fired so we have a better chance of landing a quality candidate.

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A look at college football's worst three-game losing streaks

I agree. I'm not usually a fan of firing coaches mid-season, but there's a lot of coaches at better programs that are currently on the hot-seat and if we wait too long to begin a coaching search, we'll be left behind when the coaching carousel starts.

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No offense: Jayhawks thumped against Iowa State, 45-0

Wasn't a cheap shot at Tony. I knew who he was talking about, but I was using his mistake to highlight the ineptitude of Kansas coaching. Nowhere in my comment was there an ad hominem attack on Tony,unlike your comment.

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No offense: Jayhawks thumped against Iowa State, 45-0

I assume you're talking about Nick Saban? Because Lou Saban has been dead for 8 years.. Although, a dead ex-football coach might actually be an improvement over the current coaching staff.

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