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Kansas-Carolina more than coaches

Rehearsed or otherwise I have been impressed for years with the team's responses...

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Kansas-Carolina more than coaches

They may be rehearsed but I'm impressed at their responses.

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KU women upset fifth-seeded Colorado, 67-52, in first game of NCAA Tournament

Great job ladies! Bonnie, can we borrow Angel tomorrow?

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Whew! Kansas survives big, red scare

We are KANSAS! We will find a way to beat you. It may not be pretty but a W is a W. Congrats also to ISU and WSU!

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WKU laments missed chances

OK Decided to get the close one out of the way first.
Win to play another day.
The number one seed drama is over for another year.
Enjoy the weekend and have fun Sunday afternoon!

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Opinion: Wait pays off for KU players

JHawk74 Don't you think he tells all the recruits there are no guarantees. As for Randle thinking he wouldn't start next year, I doubt that crosses the mind of a OAD. If he can't start at a college how is he ready for the NBA?

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Opinion: Wait pays off for KU players

Why do you want a kid that doesn't want to come here? It was apparent early on that Selby wasn't happy here and couldn't wait to move on. Did coming or leaving after one year work out good for Selby, don't know don't care 'cause he didn't let the door hit him in the a$$ when he left.

As far as getting many one and dones we never will as long as HCBS is here.To play for Kansas you have to play defense and that means hard work. No guarantees.

I'm sure that is brought to their attention at other schools while they are recruited. Come here, not KU we don't stress defense that much and you know they don't play defense in the NBA. It's human nature to take short cuts to met your goals.

I'll take this system, Self's system. He's 2 victories away from 300 at KU and that's in 10 years. 30 wins a year-- not bad for a guy who doesn't recruit OAD's very well.

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KU women earn No. 12 seed in NCAA Tournament

Great job ladies! Enjoy this, you deserved to make it. I guess I can handle one more come from behind win. RCJHK!

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KU earns No. 1 seed in South region

That coming from an off court thief and an on court point guard want to be...

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Opinion: Perry Ellis lone highlight for KU at Baylor

Due to my age, I would like to extend my congratulations to all KSU fans and players on there next regular season basketball championship. Of course, there are always conditions and those being that they at a minimum, co-win another basketball championship in 35 years! With that said 2048 can hardly wait!!!

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