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Self clarifies comments on NBA coaching possibility

steveyea the media stretched Self's statements to make headlines. Some would like nothing better than slow KU's dominance. At one time coaches went to the NBA for much larger paychecks than were in college ball. Self's at KU as long as Tylers playing. We just need to hope Tyler doesn't declare early for the draft.

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Painful reminders: A look at Bill Self’s saddest setbacks

hailtoku agree. Why write it. Didn't read it. Embarrassed by it.

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Freshman Frankamp brings hot shot to KU

Before Conner is through no one will remember Boschee.......

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Andrew Wiggins arrives in Lawrence, will begin summer school this week

Father's Day present just arrived!!!!

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SMU's Howard officially named assistant coach at KU

I thought you had a mentor forever unless they died or committed an unforgivable act.

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KU's Self, others not fans of college basketball transfer rule

Agree totally. Scholarship indebtedness yearly, yearly by student. Broken system for the student/athlete. Greed has really entered the picture. Colleges are looking out for themselves as never before. This is where some great coaches fell by the way side when winning became every thing.

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KU's Self, others not fans of college basketball transfer rule

I haven't heard Self condemn some school for using the "rule" to their advantage; that would be hypocritical. Redshirting is more advantegous to the schools than the jocks; exception medical. Schools looking after the school, jocks a way to advance the school.

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Bill Self basks in glow

Wilt left early....

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Top prospect Andrew Wiggins to announce on Tuesday

The kid wanted to come to KU since 8th grade or soph, whatever. That excited me. He played well in Europe, I thought. Then the concussion issues, BS or secrets. Self says we wish him well. More and more kept out of the loop. Injuries are secrets, poor characters at times and possible violations on a one and done. So lets increase ticket prices! Hanging the flag at half mast...

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KU coach Bill Self says Hunter Mickelson 'more of a perimeter player' than Jeff Withey

Roy had Nick Proud which was lost to injuries and Pekka to homesickness.

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