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Opinion: Kansas football making same mistakes

This is a very nice piece from Keegan. I honestly thought he mailed it in this weekend with the piece on the botched fake punt, but this is a good piece. I agree that the problem here is coaching. Not pointing the finger directly at Weis, but the O-Line not being able to block or fail to not false start is not a talent issue, it's a coaching/work issue.

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KU volleyball sweeps K-State

Rock Chalk!

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Donors to get reserved seats at Late Night

"A 6,000 lineal fee Illuminati scroll" = brilliant prose.

Your tilde second from bottom of this post, now wouldn't that be something?

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Cliff's notes: Charlie Weis press conference: Aug. 13

My Twitter feed shows me most of these tweets. It also includes a link, to this article, which then shows me the Twitter feed I've just looked at. (head spinning).

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Weis: Transfer WR Nick Harwell to red-shirt

@Jhaux Parmalee is listed as #2 Z receiver on depth chart. Would love to see him do some nice things after being set in motion. Tether McCay to the line of scrimmage and have him outrun the corner down the sideline while setting the Z in motion and run Pierson out of the slot. Not terrible to think about.

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KU to appear four times on ESPN's Big Monday

Every game includes either Kansas, Oklahoma State, or Iowa State. ESPN must not view our conference as very deep this year.

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Opinion: Don’t sell Weis short for choice of words

"beer-league softball look"


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Painful reminders: A look at Bill Self’s saddest setbacks

What? We never lose. We simply run out of time to come back.

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