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Men's basketball notebook: Marcus’ nickname? ‘Mook’

Beard is too gray; makes him look old.

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Report: Former KU receiver Dezmon Briscoe waived by Bengals

Yeah, just too many guys here going for the same position. I had hoped he would find a way in, though. We have had so few reasons to cheer for the Bengals here in Cincy; I was hoping to have a former 'Hawk on the squad to cheer for. And you wouldn't have had to worry about him fitting in if you thought his personal life was iffy -- compared to other Bengals, he looks like a Sunday school teacher!

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Could Allen Fieldhouse host an NCAA Tournament play-in game?

I'm a Cincinnati-area resident and Jayhawk - I was at the opening-round game this year, and my husband went last year. First off, Dayton Arena certainly was NOT mostly empty. There are a LOT of college basketball fans in the Cincinnati-Dayton-Columbus area, and we will drive to Dayton to see a good college game. We have no pro option here, and college basketball is very popular.

I have to wonder just the opposite: will KU fans turn out in sufficient numbers to make AFH look full? I doubt it.

My understanding is Dayton offers the NCAA a very attractive package to host that game, including 10,000 knowledgeable fans.

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Kansas-bound: With help from mom, Josh Selby makes it to KU

But I'm sure the LJW uses AP.

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Kansas-bound: With help from mom, Josh Selby makes it to KU

Actually, Jesse is correct. The National Down Syndrome Society and the AP Stylebook prefer Down Syndrome. See:

May the spirit of John Bremner, the KU journalism legend, live on in all of us old copyeditors!

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Kansas-bound: With help from mom, Josh Selby makes it to KU

Love his mama! We need to recruit her for something.

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KU picked to finish second in Big 12 North

I agree with utahjayhawk. I also requested dkjc28's post for removal. The comments are offensive to me, too, and I'm not even Catholic. I don't like to see this space go off topic anyway. Let's stick to the sports. I think we're going to have a GREAT year, and maybe telling the guys they're #2 will be the motivation they need to be #1!

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Women eke out victory

Hey, LJW - Check your dateline.

It's CINCINNATI -- only one T in the word.

Great game to watch; I was there. A fun evening. Rock Chalk!

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Spurs to keep Vaughn; Pacers sign K. Rush

That's why the hyphen was invented. Re-signs. Same problem with resent and re-sent.

July 4, 2007 at 9:55 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Moving forward

Give the kid a break! He's a kid. You couldn't expect him to think and talk straight right after losing a tournament game! I understand his dilemma. He could also stay for his junior year and suffer an injury. Then where would he be? How many of the belly-achers on here would pass up an opportunity like this? I certainly do enjoy watching Julian play. If he does well, maybe I'll even start watching pro ball.

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