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Wild ending pushes Dayton past 4th-ranked Kansas in Orlando

The only "B" team I'm worried about is Baylor during Big 12 play. They looked tough.

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Kansas basketball v. Baylor

Hey, these are GREAT photos. I wish you would put the photo credit in a more prominent position. I had to go several clicks in to find this is the work of Nick Krug.

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Tom Keegan: A look at next preseason’s top 10 basketball teams

Er, it's MuskEteers, as in musket? You know, the gun?

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Which version of Frank Mason was better? 2014-15 or 2015-16?

I don't think full the story of Frank Mason is told by his numbers. He has a fire when he plays that often ignites his teammates. He plays with determination and confidence, even when he is the smallest guy on the floor -- which is most of the time! There are times when you can just see him take responsibility for the game and just make things happen. I love it! I'm looking forward to an awesome senior season for him.

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Frustrating finish: Jayhawks baffled by Villanova

You are so right. This is a great bunch of young men, and I am proud they are Jayhawks. I'm especially proud of Jamari for earning a degree after everything he has fouhght through and to Perry and Landen and all these student athletes.

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KU basketball walk-on Garrett driven to win

Does anybody know when tickets go on sale for the Champions Classic in Indianapolis? That's only a couple hours away from me, and I thought I might try to go. I've signed up for updates on the website and the exchange website, but for months they've been saying they'll "get back to you shortly."

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Opinion: KU's stunning loss comes down to karma

AirCapJay - I too noticed that Withey seemed to be struggling physically last night, and much earlier in the game than you would think. My "momdar" lit up and made me wonder if he was well or maybe fighting a virus or something.

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Opinion: KU's stunning loss comes down to karma

Eastcoasthawk, you said exactly what I was thinking.

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Re-introducing the App

I think this version is a big improvement, but I haven't tried everything out yet. We'll see how it performs tonight during our Cincinnati watch party.

Not to be ungrateful, I just want to point out that I found another really nice iPhone app -- it's actually College SuperFans, from Smartphones Technologies. I have the version licensed by Illinois Fighting Illini, but once you get inside the app, you can add up to 10 teams to follow, and the Jayhawks are among them (oddly, many Big 10 teams are, but Ohio State is not. Illinois rival?) Look for College SuperFans in the app store, and you will have a number of teams to choose from.

Since my husband is an Illini, I am content with a big orange I sitting on my screen. KU apparently hasn't licensed use of our logos to it, but the functionality is good. Check it out

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Self shrugs off streak's end, other KU notes

Well said. All the negative people should read your post. I think some folks forget these are just KIDS here! Hard lessons to learn at such a young age.

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