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Opinion: Fans, friends gather for golfer Gary Woodland

Should have included full sentence..."Kind of like Phil Mickelson, Gary has tremendous talent, athletic ability and shot-making skills;"

Highlight SHOT-MAKING SKILLS. Gary is not even in the same realm as Lefty. To claim otherwise is just pure ignorance.

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Opinion: Fans, friends gather for golfer Gary Woodland

"Kinda of like Phil Mickelson"......yaaaaaaa no. I understand he's the hometown favorite but that statement is ridiculous. Not even close.

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SMU's Jerrance Howard the choice to replace Joe Dooley on KU basketball staff

From Jason King @ESPN.....

" He was instrumental in helping SMU land four-star shooting guard Keith Frazier, the first McDonald's All American in school history."

Hmm, who to believe Jason King or random poster BigDBagJayhawk? Tough one.

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Who do you think is the biggest threat to KU in its run for a ninth straight Big 12 title?

^^ Good answer but, where is the "Are you kidding me, who the hell is gonna stop KU from it's 9th title?" option?

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Trying to explain K-State's .500 Big 12 record; plus, two very different predictions for Monday's game

Ya, but also remember they had Pullen throwing up prayers and they ALL went in as he went for 38 points. This hurts their chances even more.

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Red Raiders suffer ‘good whipping’

Well, lucky for you the season is half over and then he'll be gone. TT is TT and if he hasn't changed in the past 3.5 years he's been here, then he sure as hell isn't gonna change in the last .5. So rest easy my friend, after this year you will no longer have to make ridiculously long posts crying about TT's play.

As for me,I'm gonna enjoy watching him for the last part of the season knowing that at anytime he can turn it on and be the best guard in the nation.

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Blue chip recruit Brannen Greene picks KU

Is this a serious post or are you completely inept?

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Bill Self: After Davidson, KU is all-business on road

Man, you clearly have all the answers. Why aren't you coaching a top tier basketball program?

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