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KU cheerleaders involved in ‘Kkk go trump’ Snapchat post are off the squad

Fine fine, I get the message, Liberals are self-righteous, crybaby, godless sodomites and Conservatives are ignorant, racist, bigoted a-holes.

Can I get back to my Christmas Eve now?

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David Beaty lands contract extension, raise

I agree with everyone saying this is ridiculous! The smart move would be to continue firing coaches and losing players until somebody wins back-to-back bowl games their first two seasons!


But in all seriousness, having watched for the last decade-and-a-half, this was the first time in a long time that I saw any kind of consistency in this team looking like they actually knew how to play the game of football instead of looking like a Jr. High team running out onto the field to face the likes of OU and K-State.

Any other year in the last eight we would have lost that game to Rhode Island and never even sniffed that "gimme" against Texas.
Have you folks been watching the same program as I have? Because you act as if those teams just came in a laid the game at KU's feet. Regardless of UT's mistakes, or Rhode Island's athletic prowess, the Jayhawk players still played and the coaches still coached. If they hadn't done that, and if they hadn't worked hard to improve beyond years past, they wouldn't have gotten those two wins that you so casually throw away because they weren't good enough for you.
Way to take the hard work of these young men and coaches and just trash it to try and make some sort of ill-conceived point about why a coach doesn't deserve a raise. A raise which, mind you, brings Coach B's salary UP to just a fraction of what other coaches make.

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Former Jayhawk Robben dies

I was at Buhler and worked with the football team when Robben was coach. This is shocking news. So sad to hear of his passing.

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Clint Bowen explains how he will manage game-day duties

I could see a mysterious connection to Jayhawk football past... Charlie Weis is Adam Barmann, this week is the Colorado game and Clint Bowen is Todd Reesing... Hmmmmmm? Of course, who is Kerry Meier in this scenario who takes the starting job back after coming back from injury and then loses the starting job to Reesing, only to make a comeback as premiere NFL caliber wideout?! That's right! Terry Allen! Or not. Of course, this could all be hyperbolic...

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New look, same old feeling

At some point you have to see what's working and at some point Weiss needs to go with an option-read and have Cozart and Mann keep pounding it out on the ground until the defense proves they can stop it.
Good run, good run, good run, bad pass, bad pass, bad pass, punt won't cut it.

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Must-win: Weis says CMU game ‘critical’

Not to stir the pot... but this team is more sorry than the Gill teams? I'd say that's a hard sell. Gill's teams barely looked like they were playing the sport of American Football.
Also, it's pretty impossible for a team in Kansas' position to actually drop the football program. Especially after the school has spent so much cash on it. We'd probably have to move to the Big East (the New Big East) because I'm sure the Big 12 wouldn't let a "basketball only" school hang around for long, no matter how marketable the Kansas Basketball brand is. All of the power conferences are Football-First. I could be wrong, but in my opinion, having observed college athletics and read up on the subject in-depth, it's very unlikely a school in KU's position would drop football in today's era, no matter how pathetic we get.

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Juco CB switches commitment from Kentucky to Kansas

Thought this was sarcastic, then read the post below...

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Drop-plagued TE Jimmay Mundine heeds coach’s call: ‘Catch the ball’

Considering that Mundine was Captain Drop The Easy Ones last year, hopefully this will prove to be a productive off-season that will translate into some touchdowns. There were several missed 6-pointers last year that were entirely on Jimmay's shoulders... er, butterfingers.

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Drop-plagued TE Jimmay Mundine heeds coach’s call: ‘Catch the ball’

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