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Game Balls and Gassers: South Dakota

At least we have RED ZONE! Hehe

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Game Balls and Gassers: South Dakota

Good luck with that. KU didn't think it had enuf fans to include DirecTV in the process. You're on the sidelines with me and many many others.

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Sharing the load: Jayhawks' stable of backs successful in 31-14 win over South Dakota

Ii don't get the surveys at all whilst using my ipad.

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Thomas Robinson basks in glow of Trail Blazers’ praises

Or in this case a Friday morn. Good luck you two.

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Where does each KU basketball returner need to improve?

Perry Ellis is going to have a fine year. Stop worrying so much guys.

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Perry Ellis, now a KU veteran, aims to build on freshman finish

There should be plenty of offense this next season. It's going to be **DEFENCE** that wins.

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Andrew Wiggins expected to be in Lawrence this week

Remember a very recent visit with AW and his parents by HCBS to discuss the summer plans? Just saying.

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