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Cheick Diallo case remains ongoing

If the NCAA is supposed to be FOR the "student-athlete" then why are they being the antagonist in these scenarios? Shouldn't they be doing to research into recruit's backgrounds to find out if they've taken money improperly or been passed through a school improperly? Why should it be up to the program to come up with answers to questions they haven't yet been asked? Diallo is a special case because he came from very far away where educational standards may not be what the NCAA expects from institutions in the United States and he attended a place where there have been some suspect practices. In all fairness to the prospective student-athlete, why not look at his track record since he began at the school? If he's capable of doing the course work and all of his professors sign off on his ability to be a competent student then the only thing holding him back from being an "athlete" is a haughtier than thou organization that employs people who hold grudges and have personal vendettas called the N-C-Double-A.

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New KU football coach David Beaty making early progress on recruiting front

Baby Steps. Keep Sawin' Wood.

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KU coach Self outlines timeline of Joel Embiid's back injury

If 1 idiot sports talk radio host hadn't dreamt up a load of BS, Coach Self wouldn't need to rehash all this and waste time doing so.

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Opinion: Fake punt a risk not worth taking

Dumb. Just like the decision to hire a has-been, never-was coach.

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Young gun: Merv Lindsay billed as ‘pure shooter’

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KU freshman football player arrested for fake ID, misdemeanor battery on a law enforcement officer

He's still an idiot, drunk or not, true personality or not. Why is he out at 2 am before the game? So much for Gill running a tighter ship.

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Kansas men's basketball team struggling at charity stripe

The best way to work on free throws is to do the repetition drill. You start off on either side of the goal and shoot without jumping, slightly bending the knees. Make 10 in a row from both sides and then move out 2 feet in front of the rim in the middle of the lane and make 10 in a row, move back 2 feet and make 10 in a row, repeat until you get all the way out to the three point line then move back up to the free throw line and finish with 10 in a row. No jump shots- only slightly bend the knees and shoot like a free throw on all the shots.

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Recap: Game was close, but shouldn't have been that close

I've been preaching the guards aren't doing enough rebounding for a long time. I'm glad to see we have someone else throwing the stats out there to support what I've seen and been saying for at least two years now. Thank you.

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Bobcats coach sorry ‘It got chippy’

"Bison guard"? I thought it was the Bobcats? Are we having Bucknell flashbacks?

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Finally! NCAA ruling a relief for Josh Selby's mother

So, over a period of 7 years Selby benefited a total of $4,607,57 from a guy who knew Selby's mother before she was a mother and was a friend of the family before Selby was a recruit?

How in the hell is that a violation? And where did the NCAA get the total of $5,757.58 from?

If Frazier was Selby's estranged father paying child support he'd be tens of thousands of dollars behind on support payments at that rate.

This is why the NCAA is a joke of an organization and should be dissolved.

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