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Pair of juco defenders commit to KU football

We have 16 commits. 6 are juco and 10 are HS. I really don't think it's that bad especially when you think about what holes they are filling. We lost our two starting CB's and now got two to fill their places. We lost several D lineman and are signing three. Then we have our greatest need... QB. We needed ready to play guys at all those positions and the best part is that as far as I know every one of them will be here for spring ball. With what he had to work with I think Beaty has done an outstanding job with this class.

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Juco defensive lineman de-commits from Kansas

This was a long time coming and nothing to worry about. He was supposed to be a mid year guy and turned out not to be. There is a reason we started recruiting so many other juco DE's recently. This was a mutual decision and will benefit both sides. We have very few spots and any juco guys we get need to be mid years. We are still in on several great targets. Tago is a great kid and I would have been happy to have him, but I'm not worried about this.

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Outright Big 12 volleyball champ Kansas plays second fiddle to Texas in NCAA Tournament seeding

What? A ku sports team was screwed in seeding by a selection committee? I'm shocked! Normally we get such good treatment from them. Their strength of schedule argument is a total load. Texas won 72% of the top 25 matchups and we won 85% of ours. Texas won 75% of their top 50 matchups while we won 84% of ours. We may not have played quite as many but we showed up better when we did. Better ranking, better record, and better winning percentage against top competition should result in a better seed.

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Prep kicker Liam Jones commits to Kansas

No. Usually the highest star rating a kicker gets is 3. And they don't give out many of those. He got 5 from a site that rates kickers only. He is a very high caliber kicker, but more in the 2 to 3 star range on a site like rivals. All that being said, I'm ecstatic about this commitment. Our team and team confidence is very fragile and nothing kills momentum like a great drive ending in a missed FG or extra point. This kid can end that. Very big commitment and another sign that Beaty is making real strides in turning things around. Slow and steady.

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Why it might actually be OK to get excited about KU football's 2 Alabama transfers

The biggest question for these guys is their work ethic. The athleticism and skill is there. Combs was not a bust because of his talent. He was a bust because he wanted the starting job handed to him without any questions. If these guys come in and work as hard as our workout warriors then we got some incredible steals. I also think some other transfers were busts because of when they came into the program and what was around them. These two will come in at a perfect time. As the depth chart stands now we will return 9 starters on offense next year. One of those lost starters is RT Banks. So we will be adding a 4/5 star offensive lineman into a mix of four returning starters. That's gonna be fantastic. Charlot is going to be on the field with Quiv and team up to strike legitimate fear into secondaries with a fairly experienced QB throwing to him by that time. So long as these two guys work as hard as they can they have an opportunity to truly turn things around for us. Also the fact that they are not graduate transfers and have a year to mesh with their teammates and learn the system helps too. I'm not saying we will win a championship with these guys next year, but I think we will see serious steps in becoming a contending program again. And if Beaty can recruit like this now who knows who he can land if we have a winning season. Nice to finally have something to be optimistic about with the football program.

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Former Alabama WR Daylon Charlot announces transfer to KU

Wow! Probably the highest rated player to come to ku in the past few decades. Imagine next season having Charlot on one side and Quiv on the other. If we get our QB play right by then we could really have a serious offense. On a side note is this another Louisiana win for Hull or just a coincidence that he happened to be from there? Either way the pipeline we are laying to that state is impressive.

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Tom Keegan: Speed bump boosts Kansas outlook

Not the fastest overall, but the fastest player not recruited by Beaty. So all those sub 4.4 times are Beaty and his staff bringing in speed.

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Guard Malik Newman leaving MSU

I don't think there is any chance of him leaving after his transfer year. He wants to raise his draft stock and that won't happen on the bench. I think he understands his ceiling is higher if he goes to a talented roster and is willing to wait and build himself into a lottery pick.

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Did Brannen Greene make the right decision in leaving Kansas?

I think that if for nothing else Greene should have come back to get his degree. Self is a great coach and Greene could have improved at least slightly and if he had returned he would have been in the exact spot he will be this year, but with a college degree to fall back on. By leaving early he might get his payday a little earlier, but basketball is not forever and he is going to wish he had that diploma at some point.

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Kansas hoops trio at NBA Combine

Because those rankings were only for early entries. Ellis was not an early entry so he was not included in the ranking.

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