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Kansas basketball welcomes mini-break after hard-fought Round 2 NCAA Tournament win over Creighton

Are y'all sure it was KU that played the Blue Jays the other night? I looked at the box score and the names were correct...but....but...ONE missed free throw! SEVEN turnovers! Surely this was not our beloved Jay Hawks! Sure be nice if the same guys show up this week!

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Game day breakdown: No. 9 Kansas basketball vs. No. 15 Iowa State

Y'all can talk about defensive this and offensive that. Ain't none of that gonna matter if the Hawks continue to turn the ball over 17 times.

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Game day breakdown: No. 23 Kansas basketball vs. Kansas State

Well, is apparent (to me, anyway) and fortunate for KU that there will be an NIT tournament this year. And what a rare confluence! KU, Kentucky, Duke, Michigan State and probably Carolina will all have one more chance to compete in the post season, albeit not in "The Big Dance." Sad.

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Follow the Leader: KU point guard Devon Dotson propels top-ranked Kansas to hard-fought win at K-State

I don't know about y'all, but I thought KState played extremely well compared to the way they played at Allen. Well enough that my beautiful Dukie wife kept asking, "How are those guys 2 and 14?" Of course she was still reeling from the way Duke had played lately....

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KU big man Udoka Azubuike focused more on impact than numbers

Now about those free also occurs to me that he seems, like most big men, to get in trouble every time he puts the ball on the floor

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NCAA amends KU's Notice of Allegations


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Coaches pick Kansas as preseason favorite in Big 12 Conference

So what else is new?

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Benton Smith: Dedric Lawson not yet take-charge leader KU needs

Yah, well...not too many teams will win on the road when they turn the ball over 24...Good Grief 24 times. And Dok or not, KU ain't gonna defend their conference championship if they fail to fix this.

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Jayhawks hoping for Azubuike to be 100 percent by Big 12 opener

Maybe he can use his time off to "perfect" his free throw technique!

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