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A gutty victory

Good win Guys! Keep it up!

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FINAL: Morris twins shine in KU's 75-65 victory over Baylor

Good win youngsters! Morris twins; the first half was pitiful, but wow, the lights came on for you guys! I'm impressed! See how we can look when we get production out of those two! Watch out Oklahoma! (well, not yet, alot of season left...but you know)

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FINAL: Collins' late steal helps KU escape with 68-62 victory

Cole the "Albatross" Aldrich lives ...after they broke his beak! ...goes with his long wingspan too!

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FINAL: Collins' late steal helps KU escape with 68-62 victory

Wow! I can now take a breath! The twins played with some toughness the second half and Releford really played pretty well for his minutes. Way to play with some scrappiness second half!I'm happy with the win!

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Little defines scorer

Dumb, stupid, even selfish is what I would call it. Pnl14 - I like your analysis except the twins are more athletic and have many other weapons than Jackson did. The only thing that Darnell did different was played his butt off. I know, it's early and Ive heard that so many times lately regarding the twin towers but man, have we really seen that much improvement with considering the playing time they get? The foul where Marcus pushed Brackins out of bounds; plain stupid. They have WAY too many fouls like that! It's time they start hustling and hopefully their bball IQ with rise along with that.

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Texas prep WR taps KU

If you get a chance to watch his film, he is a Daymond P. lookalike! Speedy, elusive and quick! Glad we picked him up! He also plays corner.

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Spikes still a work in progress

Just watched some old highlights of Jon Cornish. Man, he was stud his senior year. I remember the Ft. Worth Bowl and how excited us Kansas fans were just to be there. One thing I noticed in the highlights is that our home crowd looked more like a multi-colored state fair concert crowd instead of a home football crowd wearing the same royal blue. Another thing I noticed was people seemed to be shocked when we scored a touchdown. It makes me realize how far we've come from just in a few years as fans and as a team. It also makes me appreciate the fans and coaches while leading me to believe we are getting better as a program and as a football school. Something to think about Jayhawk faithful, and something to be proud of too.

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FINAL: Strong 1st half pushes MSU to 75-62 win

When I watch this team, even when we are playing really well and together, I don't see the athleticism and flashes of great talent like I did with the group of youngsters in 2005-06. I hate to say it but those kids were all five stars, very highly touted recruits (Mario, Brandon, Julian, Darrell). I don't know what to think just yet but I really am concerned with all the recruits we have missed out on lately. I know Bill is a great, but if you don't have those kids who play at the next level, it will take longer and be a helluva long & frustrating ride to winning anything. Here's to Bill's coaching!

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FINAL: Strong 1st half pushes MSU to 75-62 win

The Morris twins piss me off! We are doomed with these two KIDS playing for us.

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Football closing talent gap

KU7679, I agree, we are no where near being where we could be. The Anderson complex is great but it's also the gameday atmosphere that recruits see when the visit on gamedays. As fans we need to do our part, get serious about backing out team and be loud and cretive with cheers. Gameday is a serious priority to me. And don't think for a second Mangino doesn't know it could be better! He knows all about the fairweather fans here at KU! I can't count how many times I have commented on here about the lame west side of the stadium for not standing and cheering but its the students as well, leaving early, etc. The UDK needs to get students to get fired up before games. I am confident it will get better but next year could be a REAL breakout year if we have some things fall in place! Oklahoma comes to town next year and without Bradford and with a full & LOUD Memorial Stadium, think what we could do! Its gives me chills just thinking about it! Thoughts?

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