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Kentucky basketball victories tainted

Sorry Lawson, but when you look at the big picture (the actual violations themself, as well as violations that Kentucky should have had, yet don't), Kansas is pretty spotless compared to Kentucky.

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Behind the Lens: Time-lapse photography captures Fieldhouse atmosphere

Ohio, you mean the lines outside going in to the building? The line moving was the campers, the line standing still were the students who didn't camp but got there when the doors opened.

That was a really cool video. Nice work.

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Mild concussion sidelines Thunder's Collison

Must have been watching That 70's Show while writing the article.

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Déjà vu all over again

Haha, very funny boomr.

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Déjà vu all over again

Isn't it kind of redundant to say all over again after Déjà vu?

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Gary Bedore’s KU basketball notebook

Oh yeah, definitely put his first name in there. I read that and was like "No way, X has loads more minutes and points than that."

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Face it: Morningstar belongs in rotation

Is it sad that I can tell which articles are Keegan's just by reading the titles?

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How Keegan voted — Dec. 21 college basketball poll

Not trying to defend K-State, but they didn't lose at home, they lost in Puerto Rico.

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Sorry, KU; UT No. 1

"It's rather obvious that Keegan is just out to get any attention he can. He's not writing articles as an objective sportswriter, he's writing articles to get reaction."

This. Keegan is an idiot.

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Turner Gill introduced as new KU football coach

Video is working for me.

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