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Sporting News taps KU football No. 31

Maybe this is due to the clueless sports person who confuses K-state and KU. That always drives me nuts. I think KSU has a very good chance at reaching and exceeding 31 this year. Snyder can coach and he has had a full year now to shore up some things. Carson Coffman was very good in the spring game, Daniel Thomas is a stud, and last year their defense got tougher and tougher as the year went on. They are my pick for 1 or 2 in the North. KU could surpise some people and I will do a cartwheel in the front yard if we beat Georgia Tech. That could mean a season worthy of this ranking. Everyone but Colorado seems to be getting better. To keep pace with that is going to be difficult.

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RB decommits from Jayhawks

Just read the report on the ticket scalping. No wonder we exited the tourney early so many years. There was money to be made, selling all the alums' now useless tickets. Think any players got involved? You can bet that the tenticles run deep in this scandal and the sooner exposed the better.

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Reesing expects to sign with CFL’s Roughriders soon

Whatever happens, Todd will get a nice little check whether he plays or not. He can use that to start his career and eventually move to the front office.

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The Big 12+4 or 6

And, by the way, should Missouri leave the Big 12 how many games do you think Arrowhead will see in the future from Big 12 members???????????? How about none.
No championship games. No annual Border War. No more conference games, period. There are a lot of implications of all this talk. I still think it is really a push for a playoff system and then I think the leagues will pretty much stay the way they are. But, if not, there are going to be a lot of losers. Maybe the Chiefs and Royals will move over in a new stadium on the Kansas side next to the raceway. Isn't there a public property tax issue to help pay for the stadiums? Who is going to hold that bag?

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The Big 12+4 or 6

Behind all this talk of league expansion is the tendency for the rich to get richer and that bothers me. I also see the emergence of the superconferences as precursor to a playoff system.

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Gill putting added emphasis on recruiting

I have always thought that KU is one of the most beautiful college campuses in the country. I also think that Lawrence has one of the most interesting histories. The history of Bleeding Kansas and the Abolitionist influence, the ties to New England, make it an interesting place. I think bringing in these recruits into Memorial stadium during the season for a home game will create a powerful memory. Seems to me that as busy as the season is, THAT is the time to do it.

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Gill tees it up, gives benefit a boost

I would not mind seeing a few football articles every day, but then there is not that much to report right now and frankly I would like our recruiting to be a little hush-hush until we have definite interest and an offer is made. That in fact is no doubt the case. Golf is great relaxation and I am sure that even though it was an event, it was good for Turner to get out there and relax. Rubbing elbows with these guys can do nothing but good for the University and the football program. This guy is not just one-dimensional. Someone mentioned that they see TG as an AD in the future. I think he would make a great one and it just might be at KU. When KU needs sponsors and donors the people Coach mixes with now are more likely to be there when you need them.

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Gill gets to strap on a helmet at Kansas Speedway

You never know how reaching out will affect the program, but I like it. How would MM have ever got in one? Can't picture that one.

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The easiest way for KU football to get back to a bowl in 2010

Excellent! Another facet of sound football by Gill. I hope to see a few more picks this year. That will be due to coaching schemes for the most part.

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Steelers give DB Thornton a chance; Sharp, Onyegbule also invited to NFL camps

Great news. Another Hawk gets a shot. Go get em Justin.

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