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Big 12 Commissioner Dan Beebe teleconference from June 11 (Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews)

I don't care what anyone says, this guy has got to have a nice, padded account somewhere to oversee the demise of the country's best or second best football conference. He is either very incompetent, or very bribed. Where was the overture to Arkansas. They have been in the SEC for 17 years without a championship. When they were in the SWAC they and Texas dominated. What a bunch of crap. There are some criminals in all this and there are some prostitutes. CU is a bunch of whores. Osborne and NU had to protect themselves and I do not fault them. CU broke rank but I blame that whore MU for starting all this. I hope MU ends up in the Big East where they will be a bottom feeder every year in basketball. In football, we are really going to kick their a$$ for starting all this.

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Quarterback Reesing unsure about football future

Sorry to hear that, but I too think he should consider coaching if he wants to stay in the game.

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Gazing into Big 12: Pundits predict who will challenge for league football title

We will do at least as good as last year. 4-4 or better in conference play. Pick will be a great dual threat, better special teams, better running game, better schedule, much better defense and better luck. I am starting to think 7-5 whereas I was thinking 6-6. All this because I think our coaches and staff are competent. Now, if they are great we will really see some surprises. If they are below average, the team will finish below average. Overall I am starting to think that we will be better than anyone expected, including me.

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Analyst Steele picks KU football to finish 4th again

We will be fighting it out for third place in the North I think. Nebraska, KSU at the top and Misery and us fighting it out for third with ISU close behind and CU last. Yet, overall the difference from top to bottom in the division is going to be close. I think 6-2 will win the north and expect two 5-3 teams. I think the North will hold its own against the South this year. I think KU will go 4-4 in league play plus or minus a game. If it is plus a game, that would be very good indeed.

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Report: Pac-10 after six Big 12 teams, not KU

For you hand-wringers the worst-case scenario is to do something stupid, otherwise the worst would be as an independent, which I don't think would be bad at all. We would make even more money in basketball and eventually in football as well. We would be left to our own devices which could be quite intriguing. If all the talk continues and it does get crazy I think Congress will intervene in the interest of keeping amateur athletics in its place. It is untenable and irresponsible to have conferences that are not regional in nature. Sorry, but west of the Mississippi is not regional. Otherwise, why not a conference with USC, Texas, OU, Florida, Alabama, Ohio State, Virginia Tech, Miami, Florida State, and Michigan? All this speculation is just ridiculous. Again, it is aimed at getting a playoff.

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Texas prep QB commits to KU

Thomc6, agree with you. Success will come as we get OUR guys, not OU's guys. Coach has said before they need to fit. Let him do what he thinks best. It is his show and I am looking forward to it.

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Will Perkins be next?

If KU wants to continue to Major in [sic] the Minors, it will breed staff, coaches, and administrators who are afraid of their own shadow, will say the politically right things, cover their backside, and never take a risk. They will become contestants of Survivor and be content to collect bigger and bigger paychecks in the face of increasing mediocrity.

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Kansas on the mind: Gill emphasizes importance of in-state recruiting

Really glad to hear this. We have lost some great ones out of Wichita over the yearsgoing all the way back to Barry Sanders, one of the top 2 or 3 NFL backs of all time.
Recently, RB Bryce Brown and QB Blake Bell left Kansas for other programs. If we can get the State's best talent it will help dramatically. You take these kids that are big enough from the small towns and watch out. They have something to prove. They want respect, give it all, usually good background and values and grew up listening to and watching Kansas. They fit in and won't have to adjust to "small-town" Lawrence. To them, Lawrence is pretty metro.

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Like father, like son: Young Sands follows father’s footsteps

Great article!. I listened to Tuxedo Tony burn the Tiggers on that day. I too was hoping the Hawks would give him a shot at 400. So glad Tony is doing well and raised a good son. Hope he can send us more like him down the road. Am looking forward to Deshaun scorching some teams and am really looking forward to the Misery game.

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Sporting News taps KU football No. 31

Trout, I think we COULD be better than 6-6 which I predicted. If Pick runs the option well and Sands performs like his Dad we could have an awesome ground game. Throw in some spread, a better defense, and who knows how good we could be. If we can create turnovers, improve special teams and eat clock we could see at least 8 wins. I liked Todd a lot, but having someone who can see the field and greater running ability, and an arm that is better than Todd's so I hear, there are many reasons to be optimistic. I don't think we are going to see so many close ones get away with this regime. There were three games that we really could have won last year. CU, KSU, MU should all have been w's. I credit Bowen for those. Our basketball team could play better pass defense. Hey, there's an idea!

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