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Realignment will create incredibly awkward season in 2010

If we really want to install some sanity in all this perhaps we should start a new conference, make the rules clear to begin with, no tolerence for prima donnas, equally share revenue and bank on the up and comers. Start with KU, KSU, ISU, Baylor and then issue invitations to Utah, Arkansas, Kentucky, Cincinatti, maybe Missouri, Texas A&M, OSU, OU, Houston and perhaps some others. Keep it regional in nature, start with a sane base and make some aggresive invitations. Maybe, despite the current move, invite Boise State anyway. Invite teams that are tired of not winning their conference, like Minnesota. Crank up a TV network. Use some of the pooled revenue for facility improvements and create a minimum standard. I would rather have Memorial Stadium hold 70,000 with 20,000 vancant seats than to pack it every week. Call it room for growth. Tennesee, Vandy may also be ready for a change of scenery. Anything goes, haven't we heard? Lets use a little imagination here.

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What's next for KU?

100, I am with you and think KU and KSU will be best served if they go separate ways. If KSU ends up in the MTN West they will be in a conference that will not remain non-bcs long. If Missouri goes that way too I would think the MTN West is a lock for BCS. Personally, the PAC 16 should not get any more BCS berths. I think the Big East should also consider KSU and/or KU but would be wise to take either.

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Defining faces of KU: Perkins, Gray-Little and Self exposed in spotlight

Gray-Little needs to go. Perkins needs to stay.

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Next-best fit for KU? Big/Pac-20

What would the Wizard of Westwood say? My guess is that he would have wanted the Pac 10 to invite Kansas.

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Next-best fit for KU? Big/Pac-20

Love the punch line. Where should I send your keg of Black Butte Porter?

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What's next for KU?

Would like to add my belief that it IS is Texas A&M's interest to split from Texas and the SEC would be a good move for them. In fact, Texas ought to just consider being its own conference a la Notre Dame. My preference is for KU to be able to remain in a Big 12 or Big 14 or something. Otherwise, if the Pac 10 comes calling, that is probably the best financial option, followed by Big East and then Mtn West. But if the Mtn west were to add KU, KSU MU, with it already having Boise State now, it would be a powerful football conference and could no longer be locked out of the BCS. That cannot continue. So, it now looks like reallignment will not spell doom...not sure it ever did. But again, lets kick out Texas, discipline Misery and create some stability.

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What's next for KU?

I am starting to think just the opposite about Texas being the linchpin. more like lynch pin. I think the Big 12 ought to kick them out to create stability, change the revenue formula to equal shares (on principle), woo Arkansas whose football fortunes would be better in the Big 12 and add a couple others to replace those who leave. Cincinatti would be good, Utah, BYU, Kentucky would be another from SEC. Having them and KU in the same basketball conference would be huge. Memphis might be a good add. There are plenty of prospects that would make it a better conference, but the self-serving types need to leave now. Maybe 14 is a good number. Personnally, I think 16 will prove to be too big a conference.

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Dan Beebe discusses the future of the Big 12 Conference (Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews)

Okay, I listened to most of it, enough. Dan Beebe is definitely incompetent.

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