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Mayer: Pierce new great Celtic

Wow this article gets off to a horrible start..Paul Pierce was drafted in 1998, not 1999. I didn't even read anything after that first sentence.

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Mangino, KU working on new contract

WHAT?!! This guy was already making more than Bill Self, why does he need more money? It's obvious he wasn't going to leave. After winning 12 games and an Orange Bowl last year he didn't even get a sniff at an interview for any openings. Sorry, he's a good coach, but this restructure isn't needed.

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Keegan: Meet the next Mario

A scholarship covers a little more than JUST academics. How about living, food, a monthly allowance to spend on whatever? They already get enough money as it is. Just as people flock to restaurants frequently seen on the street(although I see a Spangles everywhere and never eat there) fans are put in the stands because it's KANSAS basketball. It's not ALL about the current players. There is tradition in the name, program, court, fieldhouse, etc. and that is why people love to come to a game. If guys/gals have trouble coming to college to play a game they love and enjoy the environment outside of monetary value then that's a damn shame!

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Injuries helped KU develop CB depth

He named two guys in this article, that's not a lot of depth.

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Tasing interrupts basketball celebration

How in the world is this situation getting compared to Hitler's reign in Germany? And that's the person who said they were embarassed by everyone else posting, haha. I saw thousands of other people along Mass. who went through this same situation (no in depth explanation of why they were confiscating bottles/cans)and people that were TRASHED immediately gave up whatever they had in their hand. Yeah, i hope this guy gets an attorney and waste his money fighting a case he can't win. I will feel even more for this guy's pain. Cops are who they are because they deal with the worst of the worst. You don't like what you're getting arrested for take it to your state government.

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Keegan: Sarcastic answers for Self

The only thing I find funny about this article is that it seems those are questions Keegan would actually ask..

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Self on OSU: 'I'm not a candidate'

Hmm, I just saw some footage from his press conference on ESPN and he sure didn't say "no, he wasn't interested". He said, "It could happen,but i'd be telling them right now it shouldn't"...then he said "if you love where you grew up, it would definitely be a draw"..atleast he's honest, but i still don't think that guy would leave KU to stay in conference..

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Keegan: Sprinter makes her mark

I was quite surprised to read may have taken some time, but a lot of KU's athletic teams are once again on the rise. Could it be Lew? Possibly, but the athletes like Nickesha deserves just as much credit if not more. Great Job! Stay healthy and good luck during the rest of the season!

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McCray's free throw pushes KU women past Nebraska, 62-61

6,122 fans? That is quite amazing, way to go! I practiced with some of these girls for 3 years, last year being my last time participating and I must say, they deserved a crowd like that. Keep it up ladies and 'Hawk fans!

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Chalmers' last gasp three misses long, Texas ousts KU in Austin, 72-69

Quick comparison: Does anybody here think UCLA is in huge trouble after losing on the road to Washington? Not I. Then why is the sky falling in Kansas after a loss on the road to a good team that is 89-6 the last 6 years? My gosh, if the Hawks had stock it would be plummeting right now and in a few weeks everyone would be buying it back up again. I just have one gripe and that's it. Not about this game, but the team in general. Enough talk about not having one go to guy. Everyone says Chalmers loves to have the ball in his hands at the end of the game...THAT'S A GO TO GUY! Rush isn't that, Jackson isn't that, Arthur could be but we don't look to him inside late in games and Robinson sure as hell ain't a go to guy. If you don't agree with that, then please explain. Because you can't, and we don't, have 8 different go to guys.

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