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5-star KU target Jeremiah Robinson-Earl picks Villanova

Looks like Nike is still paying out and Adidas has stopped.

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Tom Keegan: Does anybody care who wins Kansas QB job?

Wait, there's a football player named Elijah Johnson?? How many KU football players have there ever been with the same name as a basketball player?

Elijah Johnson

Mike Lee / Michael Lee

James Sosinski


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Wanted: 3-point shooters for KU team seeking to replace nearly all of its outside shooting from 2017-18 season

I was thinking along the same lines. Players are getting so good at shooting 3's. They keep moving the line back, but it doesn't make any difference. To have that shot worth 50% more than others, doesn't make sense anymore.

Running an offense, working to get the ball inside... With every pass, screen, cut, etc, there's a chance of getting the ball stolen, or something going wrong. Why not just jack up 3's.

What if they took away with the 3 point line? Would teams still shoot from long range?

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Wanted: 3-point shooters for KU team seeking to replace nearly all of its outside shooting from 2017-18 season

I love intelligent articles like this! I found your stat absolutely amazing that only 3 teams from power 5 conferences finished in the top 15 and all 3 made the Final 4. So the top 3 power 5 teams in total 3 points made, all made the Final 4! Blueprint for success, right?

Problem is, if they made the Final 4, they played more games in which to make threes. Also, potential additional games played in their conference tourneys. You need to look at the end of the regular season, which includes Washington State in the Top 15.

More importantly, Villanova is in the Big East. Not a Power 5. Also in the Big East and up there with the others in made 3 pointers are Creighton and Marquette.

Most interesting is that Dedric Lawson will be a 3 point shooting big man, something we have not really seen under Self, other than last big man down the court popping one from the top of the key every now and then.

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Marching on: Jayhawks handle MSU, advance to Sweet 16

Thanks to the "baseline view" video, I have a pretty good idea what Vick said. Not totally surprised he got the T.

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Lawrence High defensive end Bledsoe picks Oklahoma over KU

Didn't Beatty bring former Olathe North coach Gene Wier on staff as something like a KS high school liaison to garner support from coaches across the state? I thought that was a great sign that he would focus on the in-state kids.

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Slam-dunk decision: Ole Miss transfer Dwight Coleby coming to KU

Just my guess, but I bet Hunter Mickelson graduates and transfers to play his last year immediately. And honestly, I wouldn't blame him.

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Freshman KU basketball player Brannen Greene cited for leaving scene of accident

You're right. I used to love Burrito King after the bars. I got it one time for lunch and never again, it was disgusting. Something magical happens to them after midnight but wears off when the sun comes up.

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KU football unveils five new helmets for 2013 season

Michigan has an M, but I completely agree with your point. Constant change shows a lack of tradition. And I like the '41 mean Jayhawk, but not red helmets. Go with KU or redesign a modern, meaner Jayhawk for football.

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New KU TV deals may limit handful of hoops games

I watch every single game and if I can't watch one live, I DVR it and watch it later. KU should be sure and honor the true, die-hard fans and not dumb-down the fan base.

If have never been a Marchiony fan. You'd think after this much time he'd "get it" but he clearly doesn't. His statement that the full story MAY not have been written yet is either to calm the backlash for now, or there really is more to come in other deals for those remaining games. We'll see...

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