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Sounds like some time as a Small Forward is in Perry Ellis' future

Awesome analysis Matt. I've always thought, and mentioned it on an article a few weeks ago, that Perry could be an awesome 3 spot for us. He's just not the rim protector we have needed inside, but fights and hustles down low enough to be competitive and at times dominate. If we land Zimmerman to go with Bragg, having those two in the post with Perry on the wing would be leathel. No one could say we lacked size with that front court. And it would force defenses to stay honest against us when this last year they could cheat a little. The only problem I see is his defense against smaller forwards and/or shooting guards away from the rim. He could easily be a first round lock next year if he can get better at that.

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Talib investigated in Dallas assault

Interesting week for former Jayhawks.

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Five-star RB visits Kansas

Only problem with that idea is in football, you have to be three years removed from high school to enter the draft. Either finish your 3rd year in school (Jr or redshirt soph), or be 21.

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With Shaka Smart headed to Texas, let's rank the men's hoops coaches in the Big 12

The only coach to have more tournament wins than self over the last 5 years is coach K. Just saying.

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With Shaka Smart headed to Texas, let's rank the men's hoops coaches in the Big 12

Cough cough nat'l championship > final four. I'll take one nc over two final fours any day. But I do see your tongue and cheek sarcasm (I hope). Oh, and I'll take mason over Taylor any day of the week.

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McDonald's All-America game: Diallo tops among all-stars

I'm sure svi will spend time at the 2, but keep in mind we will have frank and Graham at 1/2 depending on what play we're running. Svi will spend a lot of time split between 2/3 next year. I see him filling the void as a less athletic, better shooting player in the position that we had with oubre (not saying he's better). Assuming cliff leaves officially (safe assumption I think), Bragg will split time early with landon rotating at the 4/5 with Perry. Imagine if we get Zimmerman too. Have him at the 5, Bragg at the 4, Perry playing a more natural postup 3 spot, mason at the point, and graham/svi splitting the 2. That would be a sick lineup. And that's not even including seldon.

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Self: KU might ‘soften’ its schedule

Not that it matters much, but cliff is projected to go late first round. I believe I saw draft boards projecting him around 27 in first to pick 10 in the second. He definitely is not ready though. Oubre is projected as high as 11/12 right now, so if he has good workouts, he could easily be top ten. Another year and he could be a top 5 pick though.

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'Embarrassing' road trip

I was at the game. 45 yard line, 5 rows up behind KU bench. I want to drive home one major point. When did I leave my seat? When the clock said 0:00 in the 4th quarter. Yes, we as fans deserve better. Yes, this was one of the worst performances from all parties save our punter that I've seen pretty much ever (the shelacking we took from GA Tech a few years ago I would rank above this in terms of awful). But there are several things that make up a good sports team: Administration, coaching, talent/players, and the fans. As Jayhawk fans, we reserve the right to vent, rant, be mad, hurt, embarrassed, frustrated, or anything else. But we also have a responsibility. Fan support should not come once the product is competitive on the field. Fan support is an all or nothing, all the time thing. Our support can make a difference. The players see and feel it. Heeney was right to call out each person that left last week. You show up to support your team. If you can't do that, don't show up at all. I'm disgusted with today's performance. It was an atrocity to the game of football. But I am loyal to my hawks, and I will cheer them on and encourage them and take pride in that wonderful bird on their uniforms. Yes, I think Weis should go. I don't think he's the answer we need. But I love my hawks and I will express that, every game, start to finish. You're either a fan, or you're not. There's no such thing as a first half fan.

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How former Jayhawks fared in NBA games of March 4

It's nice seeing Jeff start to get some minutes. Last few weeks it seems he's playing just a little more.

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Decade of dominance: Kansas earns share of 10th straight Big 12 title

He sat the last ten minutes because we were up by 30...wigs Seldon and the rest of the starters barely played the last ten.

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