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Cox Communications joins Jayhawk network

So, I have ATT Uverse everything and live in Lawrence. Can someone just answer this quick question...will I get to see those 6 bball games?


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Notebook: Bill Self's 500th win 'was a good one'

Guess you missed the first Iowa State game.

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Miserable ending: MU’s 11-0 end run dooms Jayhawks

All I can say is that it was a vintage MU team. Live or Die by the 3. 9 of 10 times they lose this way. Just like 9 of 10 years they are plain aweful. That was their 1 game and this is their 1 year. Congrats MU. You won your superbowl last night.

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Turner Gill out as KU football coach

Ok, final offer.. KU, please pay me 25k not to coach. I won't even step foot on the field. Win, lose, who cares, the next football coach search will be on! I'd say that's a tremendous deal as compared with paying 10 million to lose two seasons in a row! So hear me out, pay me 25k not to of the century!

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Turner Gill out as KU football coach

Ok, I'd like to offer KU a possibly better deal. Hire me for 1 quarter. 20k per quarter, and a 50k buyout if you choose to fire me. Wow, now that's a steal KU. I'll be waiting by my phone.

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Turner Gill out as KU football coach

I know this probably has already been said, and I'm not sure KU will be doing it this way, but I am going to volunteer myself to coach at KU. Heck, I'll only coach one season. If I have a losing season, fire me. I know the economy is in a bad place, so for one losing season, I'll only make them pay me 2 million. You know what, fire me mid season, I'll accept a 1 million dollar buy out. Actually, screw it. I'll coach one game. Go ahead and just pay me a 200k buy out. I'll take it. I'd say that's a pretty fair deal.

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FINAL: KU cleans up play in second half, takes down No. 14 Memphis, 81-68

Quick question to you have up on the website that the game started at 8pm??? I'm pretty sure you did...If you did, thanks, I missed the whole first half because of it. I would have left work an hour early to get home. Thanks a lot...

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No official word yet on Aldrich, Henry

Mark my words...Slogan for 2010-2011 season "Refuse to Lose":

-Cole will come back to graduate first, but will get X to stay by telling him that if they both come back, they will win the Championship.

-X will secretly know that he's not ready for the NBA, and will disguise it by saying that he and Cole are coming back to win the national championship.

-We will get a top 5, one and done pg, he will not live up to his potential.

-Elijah Johnson, Mario Little, Travis Releford, and Thomas Robinson will have break out seasons.

-The twins will grow in to disciplined players that show their toughness without fouling.

-KU will once again be the consensus preseason #1.

-KU will remain #1 for a majority of the season except for 2 strategic losses mapped out by Bill Self to give the team the greatest chance to peak at the last game of the year.

-Many Jayhawk fans will have DejaVu thinking of how much the season reminds them of the 09-10 season, however, with the progression of the twins, and the added bonuses of the sophomores and redshirts, who were denied playing time and are hungry, and the experience and talent of Cole and X, who know they have to play to their potential to make the most money in the draft, the Jayhawks actually dominate the midmajors and any other team that gets in their way of a National Title because they simply will "Refuse to Lose".

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Former KU football players Reesing and Zook to appear together

I heard that Reesing will be doing this same type of event open to the public Saturday March 6th 10am-11:30am at the Leawood Hy-Vee on State Line Road! You could get there before the beginning of the KU/MU game.

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Former KU great Reesing hoping for NFL career

I heard that Mr. Reesing will be at the Hy-Vee on State Line Rd. in Leawood, KS next Saturday the 6th 10am-11:30 signing autographs when you buy a KU or Orange Bowl book. Should be pretty cool. I think if you buy one of the books now before that day, they are $5 off at that store. I know I'll be there...he's only the best quarterback in KU history!!!

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