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Moving On: Top-seeded Kansas holds off undermanned Creighton to return to Sweet 16

They hit a lot of threes, that's usually the storyline for our exit so kudos for staying tough, playing Bill's signature tough D and Rebounding, it ain't pretty but we just survived and advanced to the Sweet 16 and now have the most wins (still tied with KY) in NCAA Basketball.

That's what Bill means by you have to win at least one ugly game to make a run in the tourney and IMHO the refs helped keep it close the second half, once KU started to take a lead, it seems like Creighton always got a extra an 1 on their baskets. Remember, if Creighton had their 7 footer, they wouldn't have taken and made so many 3s. Och needs to put up a bunch of shots tonight and tomorrow, and the odds are he'll bounce back and be on fire next game, he still contributed lots more than just his points but those first half jumpers looked really tight, not confident. Rock Chalk on to Chicago!

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Notebook: Jayhawks get first win in Texas this season; Lightfoot plays limited minutes

Rock Chalk, with Kentucky out, the NCAA All Time Wins title is up for grabs right now. If my math is right, one more win against Creighton would tie KY as the Winningest to go along with advancing to the Sweet 16.

Fantastic job by Coach Self, to close that gap while Cal is playing One and Done type G League ball, kind of like the tortoise vs hare tale given we have KC kids anchoring the team, and while Coach K, and Roy were still attracting top one and dones to the numbers 3 and 4 on the wins list too.

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Why Kansas forward Mitch Lightfoot could be poised to deliver his best season yet

Bottom Line, being another year older and another year stronger will help all facets of his game and his presence as a leader, defender, rebounder and occasional scorer are needed way more this year than last year with both Doke in the lane and Devon running the show. It also extended his time in the spotlight as a Jayhawk which is probably the most important thing given he isnt a potential NBA Talent and another year of education. WIN WIN WIN versus suiting up on the bench last year.

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Kansas basketball lands commitment from 4-star forward Zach Clemence

I like it, I like the player, his skills and strengths, and its Coach Self flipping the finger at the NCAA again with another local kid. By the time they try and make their case, the roster will be almost totally local from KC and Wichita. I didnt hear D as one of his strengths but sounds like his all around game persona should lend itself to team first D effort. Good Get and Welcome to the Jayhawk Family.

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Kansas basketball lands commitment from 4-star forward Zach Clemence

Kind of the reverse of how we used Svi, a guard who learned to play the 4 so well, he beat Duke.

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Portion of NCAA report indicates a third KU basketball player was connected to improper payments

One step further, they were all international students with a Guardian, not a parent, looks to me the con men targeted them in the AAU ranks because a temporary guardian was more susceptible to taking the risk than a parent.

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Portion of NCAA report indicates a third KU basketball player was connected to improper payments

ABSOLUTELY point on! They have to put a stamp of approval on them before eligible and that includes both Academics and Amateur Status. We never played anybody without that stamp, and when questions arose with Sylvio, he didnt play again until he got a new stamp of approval by the NCAA. It all just reinforces the FBI position that the schools were defrauded. The testimony the NCAA is relying on is from convicted criminals in a fraud trial, whose to say these guys didnt just really pocket the cash that was supposed to be given to Recruit X and wrote it down as a payment? Beyond a reasonable doubt in court is impossible but that doesnt mean rough waters ahead while still in the NCAA infractions process.

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Portion of NCAA report indicates a third KU basketball player was connected to improper payments

And the fact that we benched Preston just as soon as we sniffed any sign of a payment pretty much refutes the NCAA's primary charge that Self did nothing to stop Gassnola. And as I recall when questioned, Self was totally misled about a relationship between Billy's Mom and the Adidas rep. I've always felt the NCAA had it out for KU and this pretty much proves it, where are the actions against Arizona and Ayton, or Duke and Zion? Any recruit coming in today can be assured this will be going on long after they graduate, I see a long protracted court battle.

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Game Day Breakdown - No. 1 Kansas vs. TCU

The Senior Night Game Should be Broadcast, not stream only on ESPN+, its not good for the players, not good for the fans, not good for the program.

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Benton Smith: Mondays more minor than 'big' for Jayhawks this season

Because ESPN+ siphoned off the tough games like both KU-WVU games, the whole deal stinks, exploits the fanbase and hurts the game. The old deal with Spectrum was much better, all games televised, even against the cupcakes, wrapped with Pre and Post game shows, thats the way to reward a loyal fanbase. Remember, in the chase for the almighty dollar, you cant just buy fans.

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