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Kansas men's basketball to face Duke, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri next season

Schedule is good. Our NonCon is typically top 20 usually. We don't play a ton of division II or directional schools all that often. We usually play a lot of mid-tier power 5 teams, a couple elite power 5 teams and then sprinkled in with what's left on the schedule with solid mid-majors typically.

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Kansas basketball coach Bill Self calls newcomer Kevin McCullar Jr. 'the perfect fit' for Jayhawks

Can't prognosticate this early in the summer, so many unknowns. What I do know when it comes to actual playing time in the Big 12 season, we run a 7-8 man rotation typically. So that means a lot of guys on the outside looking in.

I think 3 guys are a lock as starters:

PG- Harris
SG/SF - McCullar
PF/SF - Wilson

I don't know for sure who is filling those two spots, but there will be a lot of battling between now and November.

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Kansas' Zach Clemence hopes confidence, experience lead to increased role

If Udeh is as good as he's projected to be, I think he will play a lot. By now, we all know Self loves the high-low with post players and also middle ball screens like they ran to death with Doke. Clemence could easily come in and play at the 4 with Wilson at the 3 and they could go "BIG" while still stretching the perimeter because of clemence's shooting ability. There's a lot of line-up possibilities with more low post depth now. Though in reality, udeh and ejiofor probably won't be ready to Self's liking and they have an "experience" year like clemence just had. Martin feels like he should be garnering playing time given his college experience and that he also sat out and learned.

Having said all that, just too many unknowns still to really pin anything down for the post players.

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Kansas forward Jalen Wilson withdraws from NBA draft, will return to KU for 2022-23 season

initial reaction is very positive. Wilson does everything on the court and will be a leader. mccullar, as I've stated just needs to be that lock down defender he's shown the past two seasons. I think under self he will actually get even better at that. he chips in some offense, that's a bonus. same with Harris, though he may be asked to score more. I think yesufu will need to score and that's what KU is leaning on from the perimeter. what do Rice and Dick bring? we'll find out. where do cuffe and pettiford fit in? the biggest question marks for me lay on the post players. will cam Martin be ready? how good is udeh? can kj Adams and clemency take the next steps in their development? the frontcourt feels like the weakest most unknown part on the team as it stands right now.

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Not yet withdrawn from the NBA draft, Texas Tech transfer Kevin McCullar Jr. commits to play for Kansas if he returns to school

He'll be an all conference player with KU. His defense alone is worth the investment. On the perimeter with him and Harris, KU will be tough. I wouldn't expect a lot of scoring from him anyway. As long as he chips in offensively in and does all the other things he's great at, we as fans will be glad they got him.

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Kansas basketball cracks final 6 for Iowa State transfer Tyrese Hunter

Any time you can get a good player, you at least consider it. Scholarships can be figured out. But I don't think he's coming here. Just my gut he'll go to Louisville or Purdue. I think both those teams have an immediate need for guard.

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KU guard Christian Braun's future is all about the feedback now & anything is possible

I actually feel like KU is in a good position heading into next year roster-wise. Even if Wilson and Braun leave

Martin, Ejiofor, Udeh
Rice, Dick, Clemence, Adams
Harris, Pettiford, Yesufu, Cuffe

It's not a national championship caliber team, but it's top 25 good at the very least. If Braun or Wilson come back, then they get even better.
We really need a another post player to have a nice rotation there. there are plenty in the portal.

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Ky Thomas' Kansas homecoming begins with football team's spring game

as a gopher football fan, you're getting a good one.

when he was given the opportunity last season, he did a lot with it.

hope he does well.

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Toughness Title: Stellar second half leads Kansas past North Carolina 72-69 for program's sixth national championship

I've been trying to come up with the words all last night and this morning. Just super happy, as a lifelong fan, this is the day you cherish the most. Just have to embrace this moment as a fan, because it doesn't come around all that often. We all know how hard it is to win a national championship. I ask myself if our expectations are ridiculous and perhaps they are. But now Bill Self has cemented himself as perhaps the greatest KU coach in the long rich history of the program. He gets one more and he goes from legendary to iconic. Being the head coach at KU is an honor and privilege and Self clearly understands that and understands what basketball means to us, as fans.

These kids loaded the wagon and left it all out there. Super happy for them and now they are forever ingrained in our memories. What a fun season and fun team to go along the journey with.
McCormack showed me a lot during the tournament run. He's been questioned and rightfully critcized at every turn. But he used it as fuel and showed us all what he is capable of and the passion and heart he has.

2022 NATIONAL CHAMPIONS. I LOVE the sound of that.


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KU fans flock to Allen Fieldhouse to welcome Jayhawks home after clinching Final Four berth

Living in Minnesota, I know exactly how you feel.

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