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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

Unfortunate decision. I agree that the "suggest removal" was sufficient to deal with extremely out of line comments. Not sure what problem this decision is trying to solve.

"We sometimes get extreme/out of line comments that we have to remove, so let's choke off 90% of ALL the comments to avoid these occasional outliers."

I will miss the colorful posters that I'm sure will disappear due to this decision, even the ones that I usually disagreed with.

I didn't post often, but count me in the list that won't be posting again.

One less source of enjoyment in our lives...

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KU football's Tony Pierson 'day-to-day' with head injury

Maybe he will have to transfer to Arizona to continue his collegiate career.

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Behind the Lens: 'Jayhawk Decade'

This is awesome Nick. Just those 3 pictures highlighted here are amazing. Can't wait to see the full volume of work.

I wonder how this 10 year stretch compares to any 10 year stretch in the history of college basketball? UCLA's run I'm sure has a higher win % during a 10 year strectch in there for them, but has any team exceeded our 10 year win total?

I have to think 30 win season just weren't as common in the 70s so it would seem like we have a shot at total wins for any decade.

This is probably already well known and I'm just too lazy to Google it. : )

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Gary Bedore's top Late Night moments at Allen Fieldhouse

Nice twist on the prior late night run downs Gary.

I always enjoy reading your prior year run-downs all the way back to the 1st one.

Perhaps each year you could include a link to the entire run down for anyone that wants to stroll down memory lane?

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Top basketball recruits tease possible 2-for-1 at KU

Lyle and Alexander...come on down!!!

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KU hoops Boot Camp starts today

I love seeing the old 2006 picture every year.

One of the best from Boot Camp.

Thanks for the memories Gary!

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KU cornerback Kevin Short to sit out 2013 season

Hooray for the big bad NCAA! They sure showed us how they can flex their muscle.

Nobody tells them what they can or can't do...

God complex anyone??

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Bill Self shares credit at Hall induction

"One of these things is not like the others..."

The other inductees in the 2013 class were Wayne Baughman (University of Oklahoma wrestling), Clay Bennett (owner of the Oklahoma City Thunder), Nadia Comaneci (Olympic gold medal gymnast), LeRoy Gutowski (Oklahoma City University and NFL standout), Jimmy Harris (Oklahoma football) and John Henry Ward (Oklahoma State University two-sport All-American).

Curious why Nadia Comaneci was inducted?

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Good game: A look at the best KU games in the Bill Self era

Made my list before reading anyone else's and it matched Gary exactly.

Although I didn't cheat and add the Florida game as #6, but I do agree with that one as well. ; )

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McLemore: Summer league struggles correctable

I'm picking up what konkey is putting down.

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