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Former KU coach Warinner: Relationship with Reesing brought out best in both

Reesing was a magician. He did things that were just incredible. Most QB's when they scramble look to run. Not Todd. He'd keep looking for receivers -- find them -- then hit them with a pinpoint pass from any position. He didn't do this a couple of times -- he did it all the time. You really thought you might score on any play...especially when we scored touchdowns on 10 consecutive possessions against Nebraska. God that was fun. To the question of what he's doing now -- I think he went to work for David Booth, the KU alum from Austin that bought the rules of basketball, and paid for the Hall in front of AFH. Good memories reading this article.

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Opinion: Go. Tonight. Really. Don’t miss chance to see Angel Goodrich

Are you new? Criticizing Keegan's columns and writing style is like a cottage industry around here.

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Former Jayhawk Jake Sharp brings football to Salina

I like his attitude, and hope he's very successful in Salina, and wherever this venture takes him.

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Jayhawks return from holiday break

Maybe give decaf a try? ;-)

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Happy holidays: Ben McLemore cherishes visit with brother

Coach was cheating on the Iguana? ;-)

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High hopes for Jake Heaps

What's weird about it? I thought it was cool, but I'm an old fart that texts a lot during games. Not to Weis, of course, but I might if I had his number. :-)

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Record aside, senior transfers still proud of KU football experience

I'm a crusty old Jayhawk fan and I hoped for a bowl game, but knew that wasn't realistic. So, I hoped for a few wins and to see an improved program this year. I definitely saw the improvement, and look forward to next year. It was a lot to overcome the job Perkins did in imploding the program at the end of Mangino's run and the debacle that was the hiring of Gill, but I truly believe that Charlie has righted the ship and we'll sail to more victories soon. Thanks guys.

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Clyde Lovellette honored to join Hall

I believe the collegiate HOF has only been in existence for maybe 5 years or so. They're adding the "no brainers" fairly quickly. I believe Clyde has been in the Naismith HOF for quite awhile though.

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Clyde Lovellette inducted today

Congrats big guy. I grew up hearing about you and you're one of the all time greats. Rock Chalk!

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