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Pain of Elite Eight loss lingers, but Jayhawks have faith in future

"... anything ... to get our guys to not panic ..." ?

SURE –– make sure the other team doesn't pull three-pointers out of their butts and doesn't play over their heads on defense!

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Pain of Elite Eight loss lingers, but Jayhawks have faith in future

Such adulation for Wooden always rankles my hocks. Why is no one in the media honest enough to mention that Jack Gilbert turned "papa John" from a mediocre coach into what we read about all the time. Wooden decided to retire just before the NCAA found some gonads, y'no?

I have the same reaction to the Bud Wilkinson years at Oklahoma –– just closed his eyes to cheaters among the fans who used their wallets to ensure the program had the best players available.

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Pain of Elite Eight loss lingers, but Jayhawks have faith in future

When it happens five or seven times, that means only twice did Bill Self get the dice to roll our way on the craps table called March Madness.

You're right that he's not gaining as fast as I would like, either. However, I'm mature enough to know the craps table wasn't evolved so that MY overblown expectations would determine the results on "any given night."

I'd have to agree with the Oregon senior that when they play like they did on Saturday, nobody would beat them.

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Quack attacked: Oregon ends KU's season in Elite Eight

Playing nearly the whole season without any inside offense but occasional drives by guards left this year's team at the mercy of even mediocre scouting. By the time regional final came around, KU offense was an open book, and Oregon seemed to have a bunch of voracious readers.

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Top-seeded Kansas to face No. 9 seed Michigan State in 2nd round Sunday

Dyrk, is your reading comprehension getting worse?

The story reported that MSU (Izzo) made a more recent Final Four appearance than Kansas (Self), irrespective of NC's.

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A peek at the path forward for Big 12 teams in NCAA tournament

Because that's where the seeding committee put them ... this is one of the times there is no better explanation.

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Jayhawks snag No. 1 seed in Midwest Region, will start NCAA Tourney run Friday in Tulsa, Okla.

Purdue has the biggest bigs in B1G, but like all of that conference has been inconsistent through the season. They have a (national) POY candidate named Swanigan at power forward, a +footer starts at center and there is depth enough to dish out plenty of tough fouls if referees follow protocol to swallow whistles and "let them play."

Michigan St didn't have a good year (for Izzo), but as always, likes to bang hard underneath.

Then there is Kentucky whose youngsters are a much stronger threat than KU faced the last weekend in January.

Iowa St we should know all about, since they broke our AFH streak a couple of weeks ago in one of our two conference losses.

Like Coach Self says, every Regional top seed is feeling put upon by the seeding committee, but none of them should have any serious trouble getting through this week's 'pods' in Tulsa or wherever, but the Regional in KC should be barn-burning competition all four days.

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Sophomore Lagerald Vick expected to fill big shoes

Yeah? I'm just thinking -- how fortunate!

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Tom Keegan: Bill Self's growing coaching tree easy to spot on Selection Sunday

I didn't realize how little turnover there has been among Bill Self's assistants. No one has left unless they had a real meaningful offer to start their own program.

Says something about the air in the Phog, eh what?

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Reinforcements: Bragg and Coleby capable of fortifying KU's bench with Vick

With Carlton and Dwight both coming into their own, KU occasionally will have the luxury of two bigs on the court together against teams with monster front courts. That will make our regular lineup seem like a change of pace and force opponent to make mid-game adjustments. Same for a few minutes of zone, or putting on a press for a couple of possessions. Five seconds o.o.b., ten second violations, shot clock expirations are the BEST turnovers we can force.

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