John Randall KU62


John Randall 13 years, 9 months ago

"Iowa State should hire Turner Gill . He's a better coach anyway."You might wait for him to apply . . . right now, he's a hot item and may be looking for bigger things. He has had two nice seasons - no guarantee more success will follow, but it does look good for him, and he should play it for all he can. IaSt may be a place where he stands a real chance over the long haul (they offered to extend Chizik to 2014), like Snyder did for K-State.

John Randall 13 years, 9 months ago

I guess we are about where we (should have) expected to be at this time. Lots of talent in dire need of a steadying influence on the court -- Russ Rob, I miss you so much!Today is another chance to find out how much progress we can make how soon. Another pre-conference loss would leave Jayhawks as no better than a bubble team come March, a win - especially a tough win - would make me think top three in BigXII, with a win or two at the big dance. That is more than reasonably good season while replacing eight of our top ten from the NC team.ROCK CHALK! GO 'HAWKS!

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